Moving again

Well, due to some private concerns, I won’t be posting on LJ anymore…but instead moving my online journal back to blogspot,

I’ll continue to peer at friends’ journals to keep up with events, but I’ll no longer be active with posts and such.

It’s laaaaaate.

School went as usual t’day. Felt stupid a few times… I was standing at the snack-bar counter waiting for my sandwich to be made, and the cashier kept trying to get my attention so she could ring me up (They’ve never rung me up *before* the sammich was done, before,) for fifteen seconds I wondered who she was telling she could ring up, before the next girl in line and the sammich lady told me it was ME she was talking too. Argh. Slim Jims taste odd, by the way…first time I’ve had one that I can remember…
When I finally got home, (Driving in the dark when it’s wet is NOT fun,) Dad and I watched a Nova special about the earth’s fluctuating magnetic field. It’s very possible that in the next few decades, the magnet poles may flip! Possible side-effects include volcanic eruptions, disruption of electronics, etc etc. We’re overdue for a ‘flip’, as according to old magnetic rock records (When lava forms, it records the magnetic status of the planet, pretty much) a flip happens on average every 200,000 years, and it’s been 700,000 since our last one.
Interesting stuff, though I find some of their results questionable… It didn’t *feel* quite as much like hard science. Meh.
Ice-cream…or no ice-cream? Might keep me up…and it’s kinda chilly… Eh, I’ll get some ice-cream. :K9


Spent the weekend at Shadowwulf’s, playing TA Kingdoms (I kicked ass the first game, and then lost steadily for six hours after that) and talking about junk. Did you all go look at that Kaze thing? I preordered mine…gotta wait so looooooong for it though! Argh! Bought some hard-drives from Shadowwulf as well, so I can make better use of my mobile HD rack. Yum.
Work tomorrow, a (hopefully) easy school day Tuesday. I should sleep…it’s really late. o,o
Oh, those of you who’ve seen Pulp Fiction, would you mind expressing your opinion of the movie? Good or bad, I’d like to hear your thoughts. There’s just something about that film…can’t put my pawtoe on it.


Went to Panera bread today for a furry meet, and arrived late becase I forgot exactly where Panera Bread was… Then I got lost twice afterwards, trying to get to Shadowwulf’s place. o,O I suck…
I’m there now, downloading like mad, freed from the bonds of my 56k bottleneck. We’re going to play Kingdoms, it sounds like…a medieval version of TA, I think? Anyways, should be interesting.

Kaze Ghostwarrior

(I just got this on the Ohiofur list today, and HAD to show it to you all. This looks *sweet!* Go see the trailer, or I’ll launch a Nerf ICBM at your last known address.)

Kaze Ghostwarrior is a 3d anthropomorphic movie created on 2 consumer
grade pc’s. The work is amazing and the artist is too, for doing it with
what he had. But here is the clincher. 700 pre-orders must be made by
the end of January for it to go to press. So please spread the word to
everyone you know. Support this furry work.

Pre-order it here

The trailer can be seen here.

SA inspired post

Keep an open-mind while reading this post, read it to the end, and if you’re still upset, go ahead and write me about it.

SomethingAwful is a constant source of amusement and inspiration for me. (Ugh, what does that say about my brain’s quality control?)
Today one of their writers admitted that the folks at SA don’t actually want to see furries die. (That’s a relief, 9,9 )
They *did* however, want men who love little boys to die.
Now…they made some good arguments. Children have no understanding of sexuality, thus they *will* be taken advantage of. And it’s definitely going to harm them psychologically, (not to mention physically, really. Ow!)
But there’s Piers Anthony’s take on it too. Some children actually *do* understand. Children should be allowed to explore their sexuality; it’s only natural after all, and we suppress it in today’s society. But, men persuading little kids to have sex with them isn’t natural, sorry. If the guys on that site SA mentioned actually *loved* little boys, they’d let them frickin grow up and mature a consenting mind, so they could rationally *decide* whether they wanted to be ‘special friends’ with these grown men. Of course the rub is, that they’re no longer little kids then. So…I dunno….go with midgets?
I, personally, loathe children utterly, and avoid them like the plague. (Getting an elaborate waffle-block structure I built knocked down by toddlers, getting kicked in the groin by a five-year-old, and living with a three-year-old over a year will do that to you.) But that doesn’t mean I want to see them exposed to that kind of…misuse. I definitely feel sorry for the folks who have urges towards children, and keep them under control. You folks are good people. Fetishes are a strange thing, and not exactly under our conscious control… Fantasize all you want fellas, just don’t smash some little kid’s world-concept to pieces in a moment of weakness.
Well! That was an odd post, eh? I might say the same things about incest. I hate my family, and find the thought of sexual expression with any of them repulsive. But is that society’s conditioning talking? Or my personal, gut feeling?
There was an old science fiction story that actually made it into Isaac Asimov’s treasury collection, about a planet full of people that practiced incest as a matter of course. (Heterosexual only; even if the author wanted to hint at the other side too, they must’ve known that would’ve been too much.) On this world, they’d been inbreeding for generations, as well as just casual sex with father/daughter, siblings…and suffered no genetic degradation. On the contrary, they were all supremely healthy, handsome/beautiful, intelligent… The man visiting the planet was horribly disturbed when he discovered the truth, and did his best to pummel the incestuous father he’d been friends with hours before…but gradually came around. He traveled off-world and tried to convince other people that this world was okay…that the genetic problems of incest were indeed a lie… And in every place he was thrown out. It’s so interesting how a good writer can make even the most horrible thing seem…pure, or instill a wistfulness in us for a world where everyone was so forgiving, accepting…
Anyways. Apologies to all I squicked. Judge not, lest ye be judged, I guess is what I’m saying.

Thursday blah!

Well, the car started this morning, so I went to school and took a history exam and a French quiz. (The French quiz was actually a test, one of three in the quarter, but…I really don’t call a single page a test.) Nonetheless, I think I earned about a 70 on each of them. I could be wrong, we’ll see.
Played s’more Suikoden. Still kind of dismayed by how lame my character is, at level 40. 140 damage? Bah! I’m used to Final Fantasy, where’d I’d be doing at least a thousand or so per hit, by now. And having spinny club things on my arms isn’t helping… I miss my giant compensatory sword…
Sorry about that huge lame ‘test’ post; I’d hide it behind a cut if someone would tell me how. x,x I can’t seem to find any reference to ‘cuts’ in the FAQs and such.
Work tomorrow, Furry Coffee and maybe gaming on Saturday. The quarter is drawing to a close, and final exams are looming.
I want some apple cider…