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Jamie came over tonight, and we watched the Two Towers. I don’t think he was quite prepared for how long it was… :K) He’s home safe again, and I’m lazing around, wishing a pony I know would show up online. Ah well. All of you take care, hear? And if I hear about any of you drinking and driving tomorrow night? I’m coming to maul you.


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Lookit the sword that (eventually) I’ll get in the mail!
That’s just the one I bought for myself, (won it on Ebay for cheap). My sweet foxy friend Krys though, is sending me the black Demon Slayer sword…(google it, it’s nifty!) Dunno when that will arrive either… Anyways, I’m all a-squee over the prospect of a sword with a relatively good length to it, (26.25 inches of steeeeeeeel, 36 inches overall.) It doesn’t sound very long, but I just measured it out with a ruler, two pens and a broomstick, (scientific kitty, aren’t I? 😛 ) and found the length of broom handle that was about 26.25 inches to be quite nice…just about the right length. Of course, I’d love something even longer, but that would mean big bucks.

Stocking meme

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Ummm…hmm. Actually, all I got was a baggy of thumbscrews, some chocolate things, some Altoids, some jellybeans, and some gum. (Guess I have bad breath.) 😉

What will you get in your stocking this Christmas? by spiritluvUsernameSticking out the top:A box of SmartiesSomewhere in the middle:A book of “How to put Kink into your bedroom”Resting in the heel:A Book of “101 Positions”Shoved into the toe:VibratorCreated with MemeGen! 😉 😉


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Slow day. My sister and company departed, I spent a large chunk of the day asleep, and I’m staying up late to see a friend. Local fur Jamie Otterbein may come visit on Tuesday, perhaps to see The Two Towers. Umm…s’pose that’s it. :K) Like I said, slow day. 😛

Christmas, website

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Well, I’ve updated my webpage, thanks in part to Morphy for pointing Frontpage Express out to me. While a bit clumsy and roundabout compared to the software I was using before (Hotdog something or other) it does do most of the job, eventually. ;K) I just have to save work as files and use CuteFTP to upload it. So I juggle a bunch of applications to get it done, but it *does* get done now. So I added three logs to the logs page, all of Strega and myself, and changed the blog links to point here instead. Let’s see if anyone notices. :K) Christmas was good; I got a couple LOTR soundtrack CD’s, a discman to listen to them on, a mouse with a little fluid-filled compartment with two dolphins floating in it, two shirts with wolves on them (sweet!) some money, a PC tool kit, and…I think that’s pretty much it. A neon glowing CD-rack is obnoxious and will be returned, and I’m selling a horribly knick-knacky dolphin nightlight to my mom for use in her Finding-Nemo-themed bathroom.

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Still sick, but I’m here at work…I didn’t want to use any more sick time. I might need it after the holidays after all, you know?
My sis and her husband and kid are at home, and I sure hope none of them catch the bugs that are circulating…though they probably will. I mean, I stayed in the basement almost the entire time everyone was sick, and I still got it, albeit a bit later than the rest. So…they might start getting sick right on Christmas morning. o,O

Oy. Wish me luck when I have to drive home tonight, everyone. 🙁

New journal

Okay, new blog. This one is called FurJournal, and aside from having cute emoticons and nice themes, it also allows comments, unlike the stupid blog I’ve been using. So, want to catch up on what the silly cat is up to? http://www.allthetraffic.com/saBlog/index.php?i=show&u=Animakitty

You might try it too; it’s not a bad little journal.

[Furjournal transplant]

Well, I’m sick. Again. :K/ Cold, fever, headache, it’s like the illness combo platter. I was at the doc’s earlier today, and they gave me a few pieces of paper which I guess are supposed to help somehow.
A fur friend of mine from Colorado is sending me a present!

Oh my, :KD

Furry dream

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It’s Friday! Woot! I had a furry dream last night…though not in the way I’d prefer. It was just a bunch of RL furs, some in costume, gathered at a pool-side mansion or something. I recognized a few from photos of their fursuits, and one or two of them were furs I’ve actually met. For some odd reason, I decided to jump in the pool with my trenchcoat on. Silly me.
May be going to WhiteShepherd’s for a Christmas party tomorrow; we’ll see if I can get a ride with a fur whose home I *know* how to get to. That’d make it a whooooole lot easier. Then I may stay at my ride’s apartment and game for awhile. Monday, my new video card comes, (sweeet!) so I’m excited about that too…went and did some research on it today. Very very happy with my decision, that I am. 😀