[Furjournal Transplant]

Not much to tell concerning Valentine’s Day, that’s for sure. I get Monday off of work…but it’s a bad thing. :K( You see, a guy at work asked me to get a technical report scanned, (actually, he never mentioned it to me at all and gave it to the secretary to eventually tell *me*.) But the note on it said ‘by Monday at the latest’. I thought, well, timing it pretty close, but I’ll have it finished Monday. (It’s about fifty pages or so, I’d guess. Scanning pages from a bound document is tough though, and time consuming, and I have other projects.) It, um, wasn’t finished Friday…and I won’t be going in Monday…so I guess he’ll get it late. If he’s upset…well, perhaps he should’ve emailed me about it personally? It isn’t really his fault though…I was slow because I didn’t have a clue Monday was a holiday… *sigh*