This is quite possibly the most horrifying edible (I’m taking the creator’s word for that,) culinary creation I’ve ever had the misfortune to read about. Remember that episode of Star Trek TNG when Data cut a piece from the Diana-cake in a dream? Okay, now, imagine if the inside of that cake was realistically made up to look like the true interior of a human torso, with different kinds of cake for each organ and different noxious (but delicious!) looking jams juices and sauces in each, to make them ooze realistically when cut into.
That, my fellow shellshocked ‘net denziens, is what has been done here. http://www.theyrecoming.com/extras/pumpkinfest03/ Just…without Diana.

I hope I can forget that thing before lunch…

Napoleon Dynamite

Great movie. Saw it tonight at a small community theater (for free, and got a poster and shirt!) and was quite entertained. You’re probably familiar with the kind of movie that’s so very….awkward, you almost squirm in your seat in sympathy for a character? This movie is like that, THE ENTIRE TIME. The lead is a gawky, gangly nerd who shows plenty of signs of being a closet furry, (Draws ligers, wears animal T-shirts nearly all the time, has a Pegasus X-ing sign on his bedroom door, etc…) and his friends, equally nerdy, trying to make it through school without getting beaten up or humiliated. Excellent acting, great casting, good music, I enjoyed it immensely. It may only be playing at smaller theaters in your area, but do go and see it if possible. Googling it will eventually get you to the official site where you can search for screenings in your area.

Song Title Bio-Blurb

Hee. :K)

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band

They Might Be Giants

Are you female or male: Women And Men
Describe yourself: Exquisite Dead Guy
How do some people feel about you: Particle Man
How do you feel about yourself: Where Your Eyes Don’t Go
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: You’re Not The Boss Of Me
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: If I Wasn’t Shy
Describe where you want to be: Sleeping In The Flowers
Describe what you want to be: Hot Cha
Describe how you live: Whistling In the Dark
Describe how you love: Birdhouse In Your Soul
Share a few words of wisdom: Stand On Your Own Head

AC ’04 pics!

Okay! I didn’t take as many pics as I should have, by far, but here are some memories from my first furry con ever.

http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/CalicoPanthress.jpg One of my roomies, Cali was a nice fur with some interesting quirks.

http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/Fursuiter.jpg One of the better fursuits there, this is Kazer and it was created By Jax.

Here’s Graveyard Greg posing, (the second time. The first time I accidentally took a short video clip!) http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/Greg.jpg

Restaurant Houlihans, (Not Hooligans it turns out,) where the Hyperfur luncheon took place. Person and I were there too. :K) http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/Hooligans1.jpg

Local fur (to me) Jamie Otterbein, relaxing. http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/Jamie.jpg

Kamber (Da pony!) toying with my plushie. I won’t show you what else the pony did with it. ;K) http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/Kamberplushie2.jpg

Rozberk, Bastian DuVane, and Sardonyx fox in this frame. http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/RozBastianSard.jpg

A shot of the Zoo, where I spent a lot of my time.

A shot of the zoo on Friday at 4 a.m., when I had no room to go to and was trying desperately to stay awake, http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/Zoo4am.jpg

Furtopia pizza party! http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/furtopia.jpg

Calico Panthress and Shadowwulf fighting over her plushies. http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/plushiefight.jpg

Another roomie, Rukam, who was an interesting fellow. ;K) http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/rukam.jpg He’s wearing the coat right now I used for my costume later.

Here’s Rukam again, done up in some of the makeup I used later for my costume. It worked a lot better on him. x,x http://animakitty.furrynet.com/Conpics/rukam2.jpg


I’ll be at Anthrocon this year, if anyone would like to meet me. :K) Don’t jump out around a corner or something though, it’s my first con and I’m scared enough, ;KD I’ll be rooming (as far as I know) with Deserae, but if that doesn’t work out I have a possible backup room. Hope to see you there!

(If my makeup arrives before I leave, look for a black panther in a trenchcoat with glowing wire on it, since I plan on appearing as such at least a day or two of the con.) :K)