Okay, I support Moveon in a lot of their work. I did find it rather irritating that they called my house and tried to get me to do some door to door work, when I’m fairly certain I never indicated I wanted to receive calls from them the only time I ever visited their site, (to sign a petition for something I’ve forgotten about).

But last night, they played a huge part in a dream of mine. A very scary part.

Read here for more.


I had one of those ‘you’re late to EVERYTHING!’ school dreams last night. But amidst the usual stress of knowing I’m missing classes, I was sitting in a lounge, making a comic book… And it was GOOD! The art was pretty good, (Somewhere between Sluggy Freelance and Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures) but the style was unique. The writing was good, it was funny, it was dramatic… I loved it. I’d gotten 40 pages or so written in the dream, before a dance started in the lounge I was in…which had turned into a room in a hospital ward. We inflated this weird blanket ball and batted it around for a little while…before the ward turned into a car dealership.
God I wish I could remember more about that comic book…

New story project (ignoring all the others I haven’t finished yet): What would you do if time froze for everyone but you, for precisely twenty years?

Wishlists! Gimme yours.

Okay, now, this has nothing at all to do with Christmas, 6.6 but I want to see your Amazon wishlists if you’ve got ’em. Why? I want leads on cool stuff. Books, music, gadgets, movies, whatever. (Mine is kind of thin, because I tend to delete stuff off it once I’ve gotten it.)
So toss me links! Here’s mine.

In other news, my wireless PCMCIA card arrived last night, and today I actually managed to find drivers for it. (Thank you google.) I’ll have to go wardriving soon. The DSL equipment should arrive any day now, so we can get established and throw out the wretched dialup we’ve endured…well, for a long time. Wireless networking time! Ugh. I hope I can get everything talking nicely to each other.

Did anyone notice the beany-version of BunBun on Sluggy Freelance’s site? Kyooteness with a switchblade.

Stuff, school, pied coworkers.

Today at work, most of us dropped what we were doing to attend a pig roast on the other side of the base. One of the featured festivities was a pie-ing, with 5 people nominated (by way of donations from their coworkers) to get it in the face. That was entertaining. :K9 I’m stuffed though! That pig was pretty tasty.

Yesterday my partner in the scene from ‘Streetcar’ opted to tell our professor she didn’t feel well, so she wouldn’t have to perform that day. I had my lines pretty much down, and she did *not*. To be fair though, she had quite a few more lines than I did, and…she has a roughly 6th-grade reading level. Here’s hoping she’ll be ready to perform tomorrow, since it’s our very last chance.
Math test yesterday. I think I did quite well. (Unusual for me. Math is my nemesis.)

Have I mentioned in here yet my plan to build a Proton Pack replica for next year’s Anthrocon costume? I’ve been researching it on various sites devoted to prop-building and Ghostbuster-fanaticism, and while it’s quite possible, it’s going to take a lot of time and access to some equipment I don’t have. (At this point, you can order nearly every piece of a near movie-perfect ‘pack from people online, but I prefer to have something scratch-built, and a little more unique.)
Lights, sounds, it’ll be wired up nicely. Monday I ordered the ALICE pack frame you bolt the pack itself onto, as well as the hook/sheath combination the gun hangs on. The local junk store downtown, Mendleson’s, is an entire warehouse of mechanical/electrical/industrial equipment. Everything from Army tank comm gear, to ‘micro’ video cameras the size of sub sandwiches, to hydraulic gear and fuseboxes the size of fridges.
It’s a big project, but 9 months ought to be enough to build something truly decent-looking. Heck, by then maybe I’ll have a ghost trap and Ecto-goggles built as well. You can forget about the car though. No way!

I’m…worried I’m coming off as a flake to many of my friends online lately. I don’t stay long…I don’t talk to many people, I fail to return when I claimed I would… I don’t know. I’m just tired, and burned out lately. I don’t want anyone to start resenting me, but I’m afraid that’s what is happening.

And gods, I wish I could get my writing drive back.


I scored that high…and I’ve been to a furry con?! I must’ve gone to all the wrong room parties. ;K)
(Seriously, I’m a lil proud I scored that high. Just wait until I’ve found my soul mate. That score’ll go right down the tubes.)

I scored
on the classic 400 Point Purity Test!
Take the test here!

On the other hand, this the score for my MUCK character. ;K)

I scored
on the classic 400 Point Purity Test!
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Super Solver Adventures

This might be a nostalgic treasure for some of us,

Do you remember Treasure Mountain? Midnight Rescue? The educational adventure games where you played a character wearing so much clothing you couldn’t see his/her/its face?

I spent hours tromping up and down the corridors of that empty TV studio, listening to the music, finger poised above the button for my zapper for the robot I *knew* was just about to bounce on-screen and try to nail me! AHHHHHHHH!


This week just zipped right by. I’m at work right now, correcting an OCR-converted document full of FORTRAN code, and reading some William Gibson.

I bought a jug of apple cider to help celebrate fall, and I’ve been drinking it up pretty quick. Outside the trees are just edging into their autumn wardrobes, with the occasional riot of color where some species colored faster.

A Silver Orinoco wireless LAN card for my laptop ought to be on its way any day now. Even more exciting though, my lovely little town of Farmersville has *FINALLY* been approved for DSL service. Dad and I signed up for it a couple nights ago, after reading through the 16 page Terms and Agreements thing. (No big surprises. Tons of stuff they can terminate service for that I do daily on dialup, and that they’ll probably never catch me doing, or even much care about catching me doing. They just have to have it in print.)

I’ve been playing Suikoden (A Playstation RPG) again. It’s an interesting game, in that you populate your very own castle with recruitable characters as you progress through the game. Nearly all of them can be placed in your party. (But leveling up 108 characters or so just isn’t something I feel like doing.) Another neat feature is that the sequel, Suikoden 2, will peek at your save file from the previous game and give you some extra stuff if your file is good enough. :K)

In my ‘Acting for the non-major’ class, I’ve been paired with a 35-year old woman who has trouble reading and pronouncing any words beyond a 6th grade reading level. This is not conducive to a good performance for the class. We’re supposed to be acting out a scene from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, in which Mitch (myself) chats idly with Miss Dubois about his dead girlfriend, Blanche’s teaching career, etc. It’s sad, because my partner tries… But she also didn’t go over the lines, and she really *needed* to go over those lines, like, religiously. o,o We perform ‘off-book’ on Tuesday, and I have no hope whatsoever she’ll manage to memorize her part by then. Ah well.

Stuff, a meme, three day weekend

Okay, so my Amazon order finally arrived yesterday. (Well, most of it.) The collected issues of Bone, (a comic,) the collective Watchmen volume, (Both of the preceding suggested by mrperson, :K) ) and the first volume of Transmetropolitan, which I was reminded of by Ionotter’s Spider Jersualem avatar. So far, I do really enjoy Watchmen… It’s a comic with a real story to it, real issues, real-feeling characters, and nearly all of them are ‘unpowered’ heroes, meaning they’re just *people* dressed up strangely, with some gadgets. (Like Batman. Except not quite that insane.)
I don’t really like Bone much so far…(Though admittedly I’ve only read the first 100 pages or so of a 1300 page volume!) Transmetropolitan is *great*. It’s even harder-hitting and more vicious than Preacher, (which I also greatly enjoy,) and that’s hard to imagine. Spider Jerusalem is a journalist in The City, a few decades (perhaps a century or two) in the future. He’s a nasty, half-crazed, violent-as-hell dude who will put his cigarette out in your frickin’ eye to get his story. The writing may not be as good as that in The Watchmen, but it still hits you, and there are plenty of laugh-your-tail-off moments and plenty more of ‘I can’t believe he just did that!’ moments. Definitely fun! You might want to wait for a collected volume to come out though… Buying each of these volumes will get expensive, even with Amazon’s prices. (They’re also a bit hard to get ahold of, if Amazon’s delay with book 2 is any indication. I ordered it August 14th. It’s still not here.)
I placed another order recently for some Spider Robinson books (cheap) and this ‘Elric of Melbourne’ book that Nigel likes so much. (I hadn’t heard of it before he mentioned it in his journal.) Sounded neat, so I gwabbed it! Hope they all come through okay.

At work, the military guys have been giving us safety briefings. To lighten the mood after all the serious stuff, one of them put on a hilarious video from Germany about forklift safety. Picture such a video done by the Monty Python people, (violence-wise) and you’ll have a good idea what this clip is like. I’ll share a link to it when I have it.

LJ Comment meme here,

Humanists, puns, time travellers and aliens.

Alright, just on the hunch that not every human on Earth has heard about Spider Robinson, the sci-fi author, I’m going to mention him here. Spider is a hippy, a humanist, a pot-advocate, and I hope one day to write very much like he does.

How many books have made you cry? Not necessarily sad-tears, but Moved-tears. Perhaps joy-tears, but maybe not. Nearly all of Spider’s books have made me cry at one point or another. Whether out of breathless joy or, for the loss of a character I treasured, pain enough to squeeze my heart in my chest.

But it isn’t all crying, ;K) Spider is a punster, and some of his are just… You *will* groan out loud, and eyes will roll. He has an exquisite and naughty sense of humor that I greatly admire.

Spider knows just how rotten mankind can be. And he knows the heights to which we can climb, as well. He has faith that we can outgrow our violent, suspicious, petty, judgemental, bastard natures to be people who love, care, create, and work to eliminate the woes of our poorly-treated world. His faith gives me faith…there’s a chance still we might not make a ball of slagged glass and poisoned seas of our home.

If you’ve never picked up his work,
“Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon” and “Callahan’s Lady”
are two great places to start. The ‘Callahan’ books have grown into something of fan-service at this stage (So I hear, I haven’t yet managed to grab the two latest installments) but these two originals contain all that is right with the wonderous settings and characters Robinson has created. I just wrote a huge paragraph describing Callahan’s Saloon, and had to delete it, because it failed to convey what it is. You must read it yourself to treasure this imagined place in your mind…no exxageration there.

You can often pick up a copy of one of these at a used book store, or certainly on Amazon, for less than six bucks. I encourage you to do so, and have your hope for our poor, blind, stupid race rekindled.

And if any of you have a book you feel should be required reading for *everyone*, please comment with the title and author.