Hmm. Where am I going with this?

For those who’ve been following the story bits I’ve been posting randomly, I’m not really sure where to go from here. Galis has pledged to help his love Yeulla overcome her powerful instinctual need to devour sentient, intelligent beings.
Now, they’ve just returned from the hospital where Galis was treated for injuries inflicted while fighting a bounty who wore a military-surplus suit of powered armor. Now, this is a logical place for the two to become lovers. *edit*(After later reading this preceding bit, I realized how utterly ludicrous this must sound. Oh well! :KD )*edit* But that’s a bit predictable. Maybe I should throw in an attack? Or a threat from without that spoils the mood? Or maybe Galis is reluctant, still unsure about Yeulla’s self-control when his nude muscly body is right there for the tasting? Hmm.

And then, what to do with it ultimately? I figure…one of the bounties Yeulla contracted Galis to bring in is at least a magnitude smarter than the rest, and in fact, banded together the other bounties to the end of eliminating their pursuer and his employer. Perhaps Galis and Yeulla discover that this particularly smart fellow leading the rest would enable her to reach a sort of critical mass of intelligence…and her need to devour others would be nigh-eliminated. (Perhaps he’s a genius, or merely a highly intelligent alien, or even a psi-user.) Obviously Galis would allow her to devour one more person, to stop future decades of feeding. But the united crooks offer a far tougher target than the single bounties he’s been hunting up to now.

Perhaps I should bring in another hunter contracted to assist Galis. An attractive female. Maybe even a furry… It’d be a good place to insert one. She would become an issue between Galis and Yeulla…tempting Galis into cheating on his new snakey mate. (I’m thinking either a ferret, or a mongoose ‘morph. Quick, sleek, sassy.) And of course a mongoose would have rather amusing connotations in this story.

I have to put myself in the shoes of these characters to write them correctly. Galis is a tough guy…has been for years, been *forced* to be tough. Now for the first time in a long time he’s needing to soften again, and offer support, despite his moral conflicts over his new mate’s behavior.
Yeulla on the other hand has reached the end of her rope. She hates herself for enjoying her meals, hates herself for not being able to think up a solution, and fears that she may subconsciously be failing on purpose so she can keep gulping down her delightful squirming prey. She wants to lean on Galis, but is afraid to at the same time, never having committed to *anyone* since becoming sentient.
Both their actions should reflect their thoughts and motives at all times. Yeulla is good at hiding her thoughts and feelings though, while Galis simply can’t. He willed himself to simply *not* feel anything or think too hard about anything for so long that once the wall came down, he can’t build it up again.


Irritation! I couldn’t find my USB jumpdrive this morning, making work on my two W.I.P. stories difficult. Where is that stupid sliver of green plastic and flash memory!?

Or I’d use my lappy, but I left it at Jamie and Soltris’s place last week. Guys? I don’t think I’ll be able to get away at lunch to get it, so I’ll try and get it after work. I have to stay late tonight anyways ‘cuz I have to leave early tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment. Gonna see if this shortness-of-breath thing has any explanation other than “Yup, you’re out of shape bucko.”

Well, I’ll do what writing I can today. Maybe tonight papa will help me install my new speakers, and I’ll force the whole family into my car to listen to a song. (No Industrial Noise…that’d just make them squeal in pain and dismay. Maybe one of the CDs Mom got me for Christmas. Newsboys, and Jars of Clay.)

I finally got caught up on 21st Century Fox, Under the Lemon Tree, and Nip & Tuck. (These are the comics that never load at work.) Good stuff! The current UTLT arc is interestin’.

I’m experiencing a very strange router problem

Van Helsing

Just saw Van Helsing tonight.

Analysis: As predicted, combining Frankenstein, werewolves, and Dracula was a ridiculous idea. The grounds for doing so were weak and never explained to any satisfaction. Has any legend anywhere ever hinted vampires could control werewolves?!

Pros: The Frankenstein monster’s design was awesome. I loved it. I also liked Helsing’s outfit, and his auto-crossbow was a beautiful prop. They didn’t overplay his reliance on toys, which was good. You won’t be able to avoid thinking of Batman though. ;K) I liked the werewolf transformation with Helsing, didn’t like it so much with the other werewolf. Black wuffles look better I guess.

Cons: Uh, everything else? The romance thread was pretty awful. And with Frankenstein’s monster… What is it about being stitched together from corpses that results in NO VOLUME CONTROL? The vampire-offspring-sacs were just like something out of Aliens; the flying vampire-forms were nasty and unrealistic, (especially the lighting effects on them, or lack thereof.) The creepy castles were lame, and the producers used CG for stuff they shouldn’t have, (like creating clouds of breath for the characters instead of actually going somewhere cold.)

All in all, I’d say this was an awful movie with very talented artists working on it. I blame the writer, director, and producer.


I suppose most of you heard about the tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people around the Indian ocean. We saw it on the news, just before putting on a movie. The Day After Tomorrow. We made a poor choice of movie, I think we all realized, as the cinematic disaster blended with the real-world news to create a very bleak picture of our immediate future as a species. *shudder*

In other news, my attempt to use vinyl dye on the toy ghost trap—failed. The dye failed to bond with much of the trap, instead forming a film. I’ll need to thoroughly wash the trap and try again, then touch up with model paint.

Staying home today to help the folks receive my Aunt Patty and my two cousins, Megan and Chrissy. Interesting trio. Patty’s the former wife of my father’s brother, been divorced for a loooong time now. Megan was a figure-skater as a child, and Chrissy a dancer. They’re both kind of spoiled. 9,9

Still cold here, very much so. I wish I knew where my sweatshirts had gone. o,o

Lly called me again last night, and we had a nice chat about Christmas, Russian mp3 sites, and such. I guess I really need to speak up on the phone to be sure shi can hear me. I’ve had an aversion to phones since my time in the dorms at college in Michigan. My first roomie was a lifeguard, and the phone was ringing almost 24/7 for him. I began to hate phones. But having Lly call is certainly a reason to get a phone down in the basement again.

Christmas aftermath

Well, the gifts are all unwrapped, the trash is bagged, and the turkey is consumed. All in all, a pleasant Christmas, if a rather lonely one… Don’t mistake me, I was with my family, but this is the first year I can recall my sister was absent. (Forgive my slightly higher-class speech tonight. I was watching some Shakespeare, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to be precise, and I fear it’s affected my language somewhat.)

As for loot, I was astounded to find my folks had given me not just the speakers for my car doors, (which I was almost certain I’d be receiving,) but the rear (and more expensive!) speakers for the back as well! I chastised them for spending so much, but seeing as how they bought my brother an ipod two months ago and counted that as his Christmas present, I suppose it balances out. Among the other gifts I received: Max Payne 2 for the Xbox, Napoleon Dynamite on DVD, a gorgeous tiger t-shirt and a likewise-stunning beach towel, as well as a couple music CDs, and the usual grab-bag of cash and gift-cards from relatives.

My mother seemed to like the teapot I’d found for her at my college’s artshow. Dad seemed to appreciate the special 2-disc edition of Dune (the original, not that poncy new version,) but seemed cheerfully mystified with the USB massager I stuffed his stocking with.
He lost his job yesterday, (he was supposed to have lost it two months ago, right before his little pension kicked in, but they gave in and gave him a 2-month extension.) So he’s job-hunting right now.

More DDR tonight as usual, worked off some of that turkey. I didn’t do too well tonight. Seems if you miss even a day of dancing, your skill slips some. Darnit.

Masked and sprayed the toy Ghostbusters trap I won on Ebay tonight. It’s just to go with the costume. Masking fiddly little things is a lot tougher than it looks! I hope it turns out okay…


More DDR last night of course. I think I figured out why my scores weren’t being recorded… The Xbox’s clock was wrong, and any progress appeared to the Xbox as being a month older than current data…so no scores or settings-changes stuck. o,o I can now get an A regularly on ‘Rubberneckin’ which is a definite milestone in my improvement. Plenty of songs I still can’t do though with more than a D or C. When I get those down, I’ll start looking into Standard seriously.

Half-life 2. I made it to Nova Prospect! I am commander of the Ant Lions! I am a poor commander. Ant lions were being splattered left and right… Now I have 11 health and I’m crouching in a stairwell with my laser-guided grenade launcher, while two gunships rain metallic death from above. Eeeeeeee! x,x

It’s Christmas Eve Day! I’m up early for once, which feels weird. Presents are wrapped, the important bits of our driveway are shoveled, and Mom is going to be working late tonight at the hospital. x,x Poor mum.

To all of my friends: Enjoy tonight and tomorrow. Try and reach back to the days when Christmas was nothing but fun…a mystically cheerful day full of thrills and memory-making. Don’t let the annoying details that we have to put up with as adults drag it down. This is a precious day, despite all of the media and businesses’ attempts to change that. Drink your cocoa, wear your sweaters, and bask in the warmth of friends and family as much as you possibly can.

Every one of you take care. Panther-snuggles for all!

The Storm Of The Century! (I hope.)

It’s snowing right now. It began snowing around 6 a.m., and it doesn’t really show any signs of stopping. The news told us we’d ge 5-7…then changed their minds and decided on 6-10. Driving to work today was nerve-wracking, and took nearly twice as long as usual. One near-accident, when I took a slush-saturated turn at more than 10 mph. Silly me!

The ‘3 things’ quiz.

Another writing snippet

I posted part of a new story to the furryvore group last week, and made a few people…upset at me for giving them so little to work with. This bit isn’t vorish at all, but I’m posting it to gauge response. The story is set on Earth in the future, starring Galis, the scruffy bounty hunter, who’d have plenty of scars if it weren’t for regenerative therapy. His boss is a big purple serpentine alien, who may or may not be eating her employees, and seems to have the hots for him. :K) Aaaaanyways, here’s an action sequence, preceded by a bit of dialogue so you have a feel for what’s going on.

Story Chunk Here!