Visual Diary?

Would anyone be interested in seeing (Behind a cut) an account of a typical day at school, (and then work the next day) accompanied by pictures, and commentary? I’d be interested in seeing the same from my friends, just to get an idea of the varied walks of life we have.
(‘specially you Shaun. You must see some interesting things walking/bussing/biking around.)

I’m just at school, taking a test in computer class. Oops! They’re collecting it.

Declaration of Furness

I stole this from Blackshuck, ‘cuz it looked interestin’.

I’m a furry. I love the movies, art, animation, MUCKs, and furry-inspired music. Some days I feel I would’ve been more comfortable born as an animal, though I don’t believe I have a bestial soul. I love animals, and often get along better with pets than their owners.

I am into yiff, if solely online. Heck, I write it myself, as well as tamer furry tales. Snuggling up with furry friends IRL is always a pleasure though. (As long as they don’t tickle me. Darn otters.)

I happily wear tails and ears, though not often in public. I enjoy the challenge of costuming, and one day when I get a few more things right, I’ll display my meager talents in the area to the furry con community.

If the opportunity presented itself, whether through magic or medical science, I’d certainly become an anthro panther. Realistically, I doubt we’ll get much beyond tail/ear grafts before I buy the farm.

I’m not terribly familiar with Therians or Otherkin or any of the distinctly-different groups that can still claim ties to furry.

My alter ego is a 20-foot long non-anthro black panther, (or melinated Amur leopard for you nitpickers) with a penchant for shapeshifting.

My solution to the negatively-slanted press furries have been getting lately is to generate more exquisite, non-yiffy but distinctly-furry work like Kaze: Ghostwarrior. I believe the full-length feature film version of that is going to interest a whole lot of people in furry.

For the sake of Pete!

For all those of you who use the Lynx browser, don’t make donations to the Tsunami relief fund! You may get arrested like this poor fellow!

Last night was a total downer. While I was upstairs eating dinner with Dad and my brother, I asked Pop if he’d bought any extra heads for the Sonicare toothbrush. (Y’see, they bought it for my brother when a recent dentist visit revealed he needed more than 12,000 bucks in dental work, both to take care of new damage and repair poorly-repaired cavities at our previous dentist.) He loudly proclaimed no one else could use it, which sent both my father’s and my eyebrows up. “Did you pay for it?” I asked. He didn’t answer. Dad confirmed that no, he hadn’t paid for it. (He works for the community college I attend, in the graphic design department. But he also has a girlfriend, so he never has any money, except apparently to buy soda with which to ruin his teeth further.)
So he changes tactics and claims I need to clean up a huge blob of toothpaste on the sink. Apparently a tube had been hidden beneath a towel, and someone leaned on it, squeezing out nearly the whole tube, unnoticed.) I use the bathroom downstairs for everything but showering, and I knew I hadn’t leaned against/on the sink…I was innocent. He got indignant, I went and looked, and returned still proclaiming innocence. While we argued, Dad tried to get me to just clean it up. When I refused, *he* broke into a tirade about us both being selfish and lazy. How he was dismayed he and Mom had managed to raise us to be such awful people. “Well, like you said, it’s your fault.” I said when he’d stopped, and retreated to my room.

Started reading the first Spellsinger book yesterday, and thus far I approve. It’s similar enough to Discworld to bother me somewhat, but that’s just a superficial impression. I haven’t read Alan’s work for awhile, so it’ll take me some time to adjust. (For those who aren’t familiar with the series, a world populated with anthro animals as well as humans is threatened by some nasty people using technology from our world. A wizard transports an ‘engineer’ from our world to help them understand this threat, but unfortunately the young man they got was a student, and a ‘sanitation engineer’. (Apparently though, he can cast spells in this new world by playing his electric guitar. At least, I think that’s what Alan said at one of his panels.) I look forward to seeing that first manifest. :K)

This weekend I’ll start uploading video clips for you all to snatch.

2:14 update: OOooh! Those are some nifty looking desks…
And most of you have probably heard about these, but check out the latest Modders wet dream: RAM modules with marquee displays. Generally only useful if you have a window in your case, but DAMN I want those. Yum!

Human/Animal hybrids. Not as exciting as it sounds.

Mice with human brains. Mice giving birth to humans. Pigs with human blood. I’m not down the rabbit hole folks, these scientists are really doing this stuff, for whatever reason.

Shoot. No furries.

2:57 p.m.

Any of you folks know anything about firearms? I’ve been thinking of purchasing a handgun for awhile, though I won’t be keeping it at home ’til I get my own place. (Safe-deposit box, most likely.) I need to get a permit, and I’ll be taking training classes and such, but I’d like to have the thing bought and stowed, you know?
I’ve been looking fondly at the S&W 28, the big N-frame revolver fondly remembered as the Highway Patrolman. Remember Indian Jones’s hand cannon? They’re similar. From what I’ve read, they’re common enough even today, and many can be snapped up quite cheaply.
I haven’t called any local shops to inquire, but I’ve done a bit of searching online to get a rough idea of what I should expect to pay. A few months ago, I think the price was from 300-400 bucks. I’ve no idea how much .357 ammunition costs, or what I should expect to pay for instructional courses. My family’s never had guns in the house, so I remain ignorant of them.

More video compression!

I’m a moron, but Lly, remember that leather pouch I bought at the con? I told someone today it was sort of a Sporran, but new…like, a neo-sporran. Then I realized what I’d said, and realized I had to die. :KD

A coworker was chatting with me before lunch, telling a couple of us what her parents and brother had fibbed to her about. They told her that all rocks were in a constant state of growth, but they were all upside-down, and that’s why they couldn’t grow any larger. She tried to make a rock garden as a kid, but could never figure out which way was up on the rocks! How cruel a parent do you have to be to do that?!

Finally, I’m fiddling with the con video here at work. That TMPEG program Taleron directed me to is excellent. I chopped 30 megs off a 70 meg file, and I can’t tell the difference between the two visually or aurally. Awesome! This’ll help immensely. There’re probably other ways to whittle down the size, that I’ll pick up over time.

On another note,

(Still buzzing from choklit)

I just read a post by frosttalon about degrees of separation, (you know, how there are like 7 at most between any two people in the world.) Well, I realized tonight that Live Journal lets you jump them sometimes.

Say you look up someone you’ve heard about, or is a friend of someone you heard about, or know. Then you see someone interesting on *their* friend list, and add that friend. You’ve just skipped one or two degrees. Yay for you.

Sorry, it sounded profound at the time. Thirty seconds ago.
WHEE! MORE CHOKLIT! And pickles!


Math test today. I intended to study for it this weekend…then I intended to skip my first two classes to study for it.

I should’ve stayed offline. x,x I have WAY TOO MANY SEXY FRIENDS! Dammit, why do you have to be so sessy?!

Oy. Half of the test was a breeze, but the other half has me very nervous. Darnit. x,x

Umm. Buzzing on chocolate right now. Alohawulf is hosting one of my video files of 2 doing his routine at FC ’05, but the file hasn’t finished uploading yet. (The 300 meg file, yes. Hopefully I can shrink that eventually.) When this one’s uploaded, I’ll go ahead and send up the 2 and Kage improv segment files too.

Recent Experiences You Must All Share:
Read the Memory Sorrow and Thorn series of books by Tad Williams, starting with the Dragonbone Chair.
Watch Napolean Dynamite. Preferably, with silly friends.
Go to Quaker Steak & Lube, order the chips with beer-spiced cheese sauce, and dip your complimentary twizzler in the cheese sauce before eating it. GAWD is that GOOD!
Download and install Picasa2, then laugh cruelly as it chokes on your pr0n collection. Repeat anytime you feel sadistic.
Play DDR until your legs are noodles, rest for twenty minutes, and do it again. Repeat for a month. Then crack walnuts on your calf muscles.
See Heather Alexander and Uffington Horse live in concert. Learn some lyrics beforehand so you can shout ‘How many of them can we make die!!!’ in the appropriate places.

Supersize Me!

I just saw the film tonight, and while it really only confirmed the vague knowledge we all have of ‘MAN is this bad for me’, I had no idea how varied and severe the damage your average McDonald’s fare does to you.
If you haven’t seen it yet, do. Please do. Unless you’re already a vegan ‘health nut’, you may find yourself making better (and more informed) decisions about what you stuff your face with.

Some hilights I found particularly enthralling: