I had a bad moment today, then a great one, then a moderating one.

First I realized that I’d been sending my emails to the professor to the wrong address.
When I got to class, he told me he *had* gotten two of the three emails I’d sent. (Sadly, the third email directed him to send the email to an address where I could get at it, instead of the work address I’d directed him to send to previously) Turns out the test center had gotten the date wrong, not my professor. He’s giving me an extension ’til Wednesday to make up the test. So WOOT!
I thought tonight’s test had gone well, buuuut…he went over some of the questions afterwards, and I screwed up a few.

So, I was sad, I was happy, I was…mellow. Overall though, goodgoodgoodgood news.

Lonely hoooooooowl.

Well, no one’s updating this late, and I’m just about to crash for bed. Headache, persistent stupid headache, won’t leave me be.

Saw some more South Park. Sheesh. Entertaining though. Saw Traxy again, which was a pleasant surprise.

Still haven’t heard a single thing from my professor, so he’s obviously not checking his email. The best that could happen is I’ll take two math tests on Monday, and still entertain hopes of passing the class. The worst thing that could happen is that I’ll take one test, the makeup test will not be made up, and my grade automatically plunges to something like 72%. That’s if I ace everything else, pretty much. I’m an idiot.

Umm…Hi Conneich. :K) Lly, I miss you. I hope you’re feeling better.

Oh crap.

I missed Test #2 in my math class, and I’ve been trying to find a day I can get in there and make it up. I’ve had plenty of chances really, but some other projects got in the way… I figured I’d take it this Saturday. Called the test center today, to confirm they *had* the test. They informed me the deadline was Feb 23rd. On my syllabus it says ‘If an exam is missed, it must be taken before the next scheduled exam.’ The next scheduled exam is this coming Monday, the 28th.

Did I miss something?

I’ve sent my professor an email basically asking to clarify whether or not I was screwed. Unfortunately his office hours were 8-11 and I sent the email at 10:40 or so. No response. The testing center is open tonight and tomorrow, but not Sunday. If I can’t get ahold of him before Monday, I’m most likely totally screwed, and will fail this math class for the second time. I’d really prefer not to do that.

Please, please professor email me and tell me it’s a mistake, and that I can go ahead and make it up… I’ve never BEGGED to take a test before. I’m an idiot, but generally a lucky idiot…so we’ll see. Geez…

Nice coworker

The new highschool intern here at work, Anne, is a really pleasant person! We spent the last two hours gabbing away pretty much. She can’t do anymore work today without network access, (which she’ll get eventually after a steady diet of red tape) and I’m just pretty much apathetic about my work, so we just yakked. She’s a gamer, she’s making a movie with her friends, we have similar political views and we listen to some of the same music. She’s actually *smart*, as opposed to most of the girls at my frickin’ *college* for pete’s sake. It was so refreshing to have a conversation like that! It’s nice to have someone sharing the office again.

In other news, she’s left and I’m now quite bored. Thus, I subject you to this:

Ginger stared at the gecko on her dresser. “Did…did you just ask me if I wanted to invest in real-estate?”

The gecko eyed her dubiously, then resumed cleaning between its toes with a long purple tongue. Ginger scowled. “I’m going to KILL YOU DOUG! YOU AND YOUR INVISIBLE SALESMEN!” Distant, high-pitched laughter was the only response, aside from the half-dozen business cards which whirled from nowhere to sink into the headboard centimeters from Ginger’s head. “We’ll be back! With brochures!”


Alright, if we needed any further proof that the people running this country are absolutely clueless sacks of suet:

((D. Reed Freeman, the “Chief Privacy Officer” of Claria Networks (formerly Gator), the creators of the pervasive spyware package GAIN, has been appointed to the Department of Homeland Security’s “Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee”.”))

For those of you fortunate enough never to have heard of Gator, it’s one of the first pieces of spyware I was ever made aware of. The software performs a legitimate function, but does all sorts of things behind your back. Several other pieces of software would also install gator automatically unless you opted-out.

Click here for the full story.

White Ninja

White Ninja is one of the worst looking webcomics I’ve ever seen. It’s also one of the funniest, in a very strange kind of way.


Here’s another of my favorites here.

I received an eight-foot-long tube today in the mail. o,o There are some tubes and pipe I need for my proton pack prop that just can’t be purchased in small quantities… I had to buy six feet of acrylic rod for the tip of the neutrona wand, and they sent it in this gigantic mailing tube. Any of you artistic people want an enormous mailing tube to ship arty goodness in? o,o

Ten Things I’ve done that you (probably) haven’t

Ten Things I’ve done that you (probably) haven’t: (stolen from TygerCowboy)

1. Spent three months in Sierra Leone Africa.
2. Defended my family from spider-sized frisbees. Oops, I mean frisbee-sized spiders. o,o
3. Administered an experiment for the Air Force Research Lab on several human subjects. Muah-hah-hah-hah! (They survived.)
4. Got paid by the government for playing Sid Meyer’s Civilization.
5. Written vore smut in math class.
6. Stuffed a computer keyboard in a urinal.
7. Had my poem and a photo of myself blown up and plastered on the wall at the Dayton Public Library.
8. Abstained from sex for twenty-one years, nine months, twenty-three days… :KD
9. Introduced Japanese gummies to several prominent members of the furry community. (They hooked now, mah bizzle. They all come to me for the hook-up!)
10. Dipped a twizzler in beer-spiced cheese sauce from Quaker Steak & Lube, and loved it. You MUST try it.

Tech news and brownies.

Nifty. ‘Smart’ holograms used in medical diagnosis. One example given was a sobriety check. If the suspect passed, the hologram would morph into a little green car, indicating he could drive safely. More here.

An article that reviews current video game consoles, as well as past ones. No coverage of the next-gen consoles however, and judging from the comments, the article is plagued with errors. I had to post it though, because of one particular error and the commenter who provided:

“Oh dear. Nokia runs on SYMBIAN, not SYBIAN. Symbian is an OS. Sybian is a sex toy.”

Oh yes; do you remember those ‘Just So’ stories? The tales that ‘explained’ some of the unique features of animals? i.e. How the elephant got its trunk, etc. I realized the other day that with all the awesome, bizarre adaptations we know about these days, a new Just So story collection should be written. I want to see hilariously convoluted attempts to practically explain how frogs developed the ability to change genders, or how anglerfish developed their glowing lure, and even more complex and esoteric chemical defenses, genetic harbingers, etc. I’d write it, but I dropped out of the biology major, so get someone else.

In other news, I’d really like a brownie right now. I don’t care if it’s magical or not, I just want chocolate chewiness.

And finally, here’s the Carpe Diem quiz.

You scored as Rodney.

Which Carpe Diem Character are YOU?
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*update* I made a quiz! It isn’t great, but as far as first attempts go it’s okay. What novel would you write? Lemme know what you think.


Saw UHF and The Life of Brian at Jamie Otterbein’s place last night. Warped! LoB was much more clever than I’d expected…I’ve been away from Monty Python too long.

Registered for two more classes, bringing my total up to a proper 12 credits. I added The Psychology of Gender (should be interesting) and weight lifting, which is another single credit course. Ahhm gun to pahmp uhp!

Llyander is sick with a terrible viral laryngitis. It hurts to hear hir in so much pain, (so imagine how much it must hurt for hir!) If any of you have experience with it and have suggestions to make hir feel less like shi’s gargling used needles, please speak up.

I’m typing this in computer class. 3 hours and 15 minutes more ’til I can split for home. This staying-at-school-til-9:15 p.m. thing sucks. Next quarter I’ll only be here ’til…6:45 I think. Much better.

I still need to make up my last math test. :K/ Computer test on Wednesday… No more tests in Philosophy until the final. Aaaaand I’m not really worried about French. Ought to start doing the homework though for that…(our prof only checks it at the end of the course.)

More internet drama amongst some folks on my friend’s list. The Internet: Serious Business. I’m tempted to remove some folks, but I haven’t had to do that yet, and I’d rather not. They have their reasons for watching my journal. I should give theirs a chance as well.