Bolding meme

I thought I’d done this before…but oh well. Cut for meme-haters and to save space.
1) Copy this list into your journal.
2) Bold what is true.
3) Leave plain what is false.
4) If you’re not sure, or the answer is complicated, put it in italics.
5) Add something at the end.
6) If you REALLY must emphasize something, make it bigger for yes and smaller for no. ;K)

Bolded meme.


Well, I just bawled my eyes out watching it, so I might as well write about it.

‘What Dreams May Come’ is kind of the cinematic equivilent to that story arc in Jack about Trixi dying, and waiting to create their heaven until her husband from life could join her. if you haven’t read it.

The idea…that when you die, you go to the person you loved and create your own Heaven with them is something I long for so badly the tears just flow and my nose burns. That’s what I want. Screw every other concept of heaven, those golden streets or Family Circus clouds. I want my love and I together forever, creating our world every moment. *Anything* else will be a disappointment…

The movie is just so human, it’s painful. Robin Williams is perhaps the most believable character on screen I’ve ever seen in this role… The others do well, but can’t hold a candle to what he does. Anyone else in that role, and the movie wouldn’t have worked.

I’d like you all to see it, if you haven’t already. I found it at Best Buy for ten bucks, so you probably can as well. I won’t say I don’t want to make you cry… Crying is a catharsis, and we all need to do it now and then. It can reassure us…we do have emotions, we aren’t unfeeling wholly cynical shells…


I just hit a bunny with my car on my road, coming home. :K( I didn’t even have time to react, except to wince in anticipation. *sighs* Sorry bunny. Wish you were smart enough to realize that objects traveling fifty miles an hour are dangerous.

I love the weather we’ve been enjoying for the last two days, here in Ohio. Warm…sunny, breezy… I wish it was like this all year long, (with two months of Autumn thrown in…and then spring again.) :K)

Bought my textbooks today, (106 bucks) with another I’m not yet *sure* if I should buy, and another I’m trying to win on Ebay to save some money. (Looks like I may lose the auction though…) I also drew a sea slug during math. It’s awesome.

Umm…met Skandranon last night at Jamie and Soltris’s place. Nice guy! I hope to see him again sometime. We DDR’d, and MAN did I suck. Worse than ever before. x,x Standard makes me hurt from the waist down.

I also discovered I can’t play Drummania At All. I lasted…five seconds? That was it. x,x

School schedule.

Yay. My schedule this quarter is:

FRE 103 11:00 a.m. (I hate learning languages other than my native one. I’m horrible at it.)

MAT 108 5:30. p.m. (Math sucks. At least this one’s easier than 102.)

PSY 180 2:00 p.m. (My professor admits this class has never been taught at Sinclair before. Her lesson
plan? What lesson plan?)

PED Weight Lifting 1:00 p.m. (Ahm gonna pump mahself uhp! Or more likely, get a hernia.)

BIS Intro to MS Access. 10:00 a.m. (This is a five week class. Five weeks of getting up early, and then
laziness for the last half of the quarter.)

I schooled someone on the Proptopia message board. No, seriously, I educated him about the proper resistor to use on a replica ghost trap. GAWD I’m a geek. Did sell another resistor though. :KD


Deserae insisted I try Farscape, (And I’ve wanted to for awhile anyways,) so I downloaded some episodes.
Wow! Blue alien booty within the first five episodes! Her makeup is incredible… I wish I could facepaint (or whatever they did for her) like that. MrrrOWL! :K)

So far the writing seems amatuerish. It’s improving as I watch more episodes, (episode five had me laughing several times) but it still feels very much like something a fan would write… Good, but not ‘professional’. It’s like someone’s quite-good fanfiction, brought to life with a quite nice effects team. (As good, or better than the Star Trek Next Generation people.)

So, uhh, yay? Farscape is good, I like it.

You know what else is good? Chocolate chip cookies!

You know what’s bad? Classes start again tomorrow. Or…today actually. I should sleep. X,x Couldn’t, before…

*Edit* I’m still up. I had to point this out though… If you feel you haven’t had enough internet drama or poorly articulated flame-warring lately? THIS is the premiere spot to get your dose. Taking a quick sample of the board, I can’t find evidence of a single intelligent person there. I suppose any sapient folks must’ve left, or had their posts deleted. Even a quick browse of thread topics reveals how similar the forum is to a dorm-room full of drunk and/or high college freshmen, mumbling and yelling about nothing.

Why do I point it out? I’m not really sure. O,o I just had this sudden urge to reveal a hive of stupidity to the world, like turning over a shovel-ful of earth to expose garden-eating beetles. I guess there’s no *good* reason, but if you’d like to try educating them or introducing intelligent questions into the midst of the latest heated argument about which sitcom slut is the hottest, then by all means dive in. :K)

Optical Toys

Out of curiousity, I did a quick google search to see how easy it was to link my real name with my online persona. (First result links me to the black kitty, two clicks later, and you find the parent-horrifying stuff.) Oops.

But that’s not the interesting part. Scroll down to ‘optical toys’. They’re some interesting little animations that demonstrate some cute tricks you can play on your own eyes. Ancient toys utilized them, (you know, before Nintendo came along.)

Food and routers.

Well, shortly after he got home, Dad plugged in the AT&T CallVantage router, and once again nothing worked. *screams* We took the router back out of the loop, and all was mostly well, once I’d reinstalled the Verizon software, choosing the new modem from the list.

Today I went to Trader Joe’s with Dad, and bought: Chocolate Raspberry gel bars, ground yellow corn spiced tortilla chips, a 4-pack of ginger beer, dried pineapple, a jar of three-cheese pasta sauce, and two boxes of Trader Joe’s mac & cheese (just to see how it compares.) The gel bars rock as always, the pineapple is yummy, and I haven’t touched the rest yet. The sauce’ll be for a special occasion, and the ginger beer for an end-of-day-reward for getting through unscathed.

I also picked up some basswood strips for the detailing on several modules of the Proton Pack, as well as the brass tubing for the Ion Arm module. I tried to find the 12″ embrodiery hoops I require for the ‘spacer’ part, but unbelievably both craft stores I visited had every size stocked BUT 12″. 10″, yes. 14″, sure. 12″? Fresh out. GRAHHHHHHHHH! *pouts*

Also bought some cheap Best Buy DVDs: Ocean’s 11, and ‘What Dreams May Come.’ I highly recommend the latter if you haven’t seen it. It paints a beautiful picture of heaven…and a terribly disturbing picture of hell. Robin Williams plays a father of two children, who are killed in a car wreck. He dies a few months/years later, leaving his wife alone. He and the kids end up in heaven, but his wife kills herself out of grief and is damned to hell. Robin and the kids go and try to redeem her somehow… The imagery is fantastic, and the film is well worth seeing just for that.

Uhhhhhh….Easter tomorrow. Yay? Maybe I should make a rabbit morph and pester friends with unbearable kyooteness. (I wonder if 2 gets enraged this time of year, with bunnies everywhere?)


For once I’m glad my Dad is incompetent at networking. If he had been a little more competent than I thought, then he would’ve been right about the lines being down and I would have no internet over the weekend.


HE *WAS* AS INCOMPETENT AS I THOUGHT! And I got our connection back in about twenty minutes. (Dang Verizon software is slow.) So, internet again, yay. We’ll see if he screws it up again when he gets home from eating out with the missus.

The Most Evil Alarm Clock Ever.

It’s a clock developed at MIT that will roll away and hide somewhere (a new place every day) if you press the snooze button. So when it goes off again, you have to get up and search for the *%#!ing thing.

If this or any incarnation shows up at my house EVER, I will buy a shotgun expressly for introducing it to entropy.

More about it here.