*More* Proton Pack stuff.

Went to Mendelson’s again today, and guess what? We found a sheet of steel almost just the right size for the motherboard! It’s a little big, (which is good,) a little thin (not so good) but since it’s steel it ought to be around the rigidity of the thicker piece of aluminum we were *supposed* to use. Paid 10 bucks for the sheet, opposed to the 54 bucks I’d have had to pay for the aluminum.

Also visited Radio Shack and got the mini-toggles and the push buttons I needed. Then hit the hardware store for black chemical gloves. (Also ordered the turntable I need for the Cyclotron rim there.)

At Mendelson’s I also found a couple lenses that might work for Ecto goggles, and a cake pan to use for the cyclotron if the tupperware bowl doesn’t cut it.


The flightsuit is bought. If I really like this one, I may buy the black version another time to just wear. Flightsuits seem to be practical clothing, to me. This one though will be getting the Ghostbuster patch and nametag sewn to it, perhaps after a dunk in some dye to get it a more accurate color.

Neat! Free music.

I saw an entry on techbargains.com yesterday for 100 free mp3s from Emusic as a free trial. I signed up and got downloadin’! I grabbed a bunch of TMBG, a few songs here and there I wanted to legitimately own…and then found that Emusic was missing a LOT of my favorite artists. R.E.M.? Nope. Uhh…Crystal Method? Nope. Sorry!
On top of that, a lot of the artists they *do* have have only one ‘album’, which half the time seems to be an audio biography with no music!! The Beach Boys was like that. Blargh!

I went to Mama bear and Shirra for suggestions, and eventually managed to grab enough to fill up the 100 song quota. I downloaded roughly 700 megs of Leeeeegal music for freeeeeeeee! And now, I’m going to cancel my account. I advise you all to do it, even if their selection sucks. That’s 100 fewer songs the RIAA can nail you for, :K) They don’t have much in the way of Celtic Rock, but they did have the Dropkick Murphys, surprisingly! GREAT stuff. Bagpipes and hard rock!

I’m about to get to math class now. More updateness after I get home, to the finally-working-net-connection. BLARGH!


Okay, so our ‘net connection goes dead in the middle of the day, with no warning and no apparent cause. We fiddle with it, get no results, Dad calls tech support. They convince him to test all his LAN cables, and he finds a bad one. (Do cables just…fail? How does that happen?) So he goes off to Walmart and gets a new one, and plugs everyone back in. Everyone works fine except for me. More confusion and fiddling.

Eventually it came down to a tiny coupling between two lengths of LAN cable. I’m now back online, and I know what to jiggle if I lose it again.

Dad and I finally cut some wood. Somewhere I screwed up, and half the pieces are totally wrong. I’m not totally sure which half yet. They all look horrible though, and sanding may not help. *sigh* Three hours of work that just proved I’m a) bad at math b) It’s really hard to cut a straight line c) This is going to take longer than I thought. DAMMIT!