I got books! Lotsa books. And a game I already had. So, Tuesday after work, off to Best Buy to exchange stuff for money! I plan to pick up a game or two while I’m there…probably Guild Wars (heard good things) and KOTOR 2 (loved the first one.) In a rather boneheaded move, I went ahead and spent the 30-dollar Amazon gift certificate my sister sent me on stuff from my wish-list, before seeing what my parents got me. Three duplicates. I tried a few hours after placing the order to cancel those items…but no luck. I’m a moron! x,x

Oh, and a question to you all. Do you hate smilies? Does your opinion of me drop every time I use one? Or do you hate a specific group of them, like the anime smilies? ^,^ Tell me! I must know!

I’m tired and weird. Weirder. Whatever. Nite!


It’s my birthday. At 6:44 tonight, I will be 22 years old. Drinking age + 1. How…un-monumental. :K)
We’ll probably go out for Chinese tonight. Ice-cream cake is awesome.

Weight Training Update:
So it’s been 10 weeks now, weight training twice a week. I’ve moved up around 15-20 pounds on most machines, and I can actually feel muscles where there really wasn’t anything before. (You still can’t *see* them however, sadly.) I’m still hoping I can lose a couple inches around the waist so I can better fit in the flightsuit for my costume. I better get back on the DDR track, o,O

Two more weeks of school left in the quarter. Two final exams, one lengthy paper. I’d better study like mad for these last tests…doing well will determine whether I pass or not. I’ve been doing badly lately. I really need someone to study with, and keep me accountable for schoolwork. You folks can poke me if you want, and tell me to go do math homework. x,x


I dyed on Tuesday.

I finally found some Pearl Gray Rit dye and followed some online instructions to dye the flightsuit in our washing machine. It came out a touch darker than I wanted…it looks more gray than khaki now, instead of the khaki-with-gray that I wanted. Apprently it lightens up quite a bit when photographed, so I may leave it as is and get those patches sewed on. Gotta dye those elbow pads next. I’ll be cutting wood again this long weekend, and hopefully finishing up at least two modules for the pack. Progresssssssssss!

Birthday tomorrow. Possibly dinner out with the folks. My brother’s bailing to go to a concert, so that pretty much blew the family togetherness thing. (Not that I care. He always picks the yummiest things off the cake anyways, the brat. Ever known someone who did that? Peels the cheese off of lasagna; pries the hershey kisses out of cookies; eats only the marshmallows in Lucky Charms, etc?)


I feel like being silly and abrasive to people who take the internet too seriously. So, post three things that might make silly people mad!

1. I don’t care what your lightsaber color says about you.
2. I always take my action figures out of the boxes when I get them. And I play with them.
3. Macs are for people who have too much money, and not enough masochism in their soul to properly deal with computers. Unless you do art-things, ‘cuz then you’re pardoned.

Batteries and textbooks.

The ‘digital camera’ batterypack I won on Ebay arrived last night. I fiddled with it, then hooked it up to the computer mod LED strip I plan to use in the proton pack for the blue powercell sequencing light. Works perfectly, and it draws so little power I could leave it running for 12 hours straight! Excellent.

I’ve sold two of my textbooks on thus far, and for good prices. Where I would’ve gotten maybe 20 bucks back for them if I’d sold them back to the bookstores, I’ve gotten over forty for each of them. That makes me happy, and is helping recoup some of the horrific amounts of money I’ve spent on textbooks throughout college.

I’m at work t’day, with school tomorrow, work Thursday, and then a day off work on Friday, my birthday. And with Monday off school as well, I get a four-day weekend! Or would, if I didn’t need to make up a weight training class on Friday. Whee!

Some friends of mine need hugs today. I wish I was there to deliver ’em.