Mom’s in a lot of pain. 10 on her scale of 10. For reference, a 7 means she can’t walk. 10…I don’t want to think about it.

The doctors have mentioned the possibility of an abcess. They’ll be doing more tests until 9:00 pm tonight, but at the moment we know squat. I wonder if this is another thing that may’ve been caught earlier by COMPETENT doctors…or whether that’s me just lashing out at people over something none of us could have controlled or predicted.

Your prayers and thoughts are again, welcomed. She was surprised and pleased to know that some of my friends, many I’ve known only through text, shared my concern for her.

Mom, picnic, food.

Mom is back in the ER. Her pain has been bad, so she’s back in for another CT scan. I hope they can help her…

Everyone who knows Galis, give him slurps and snugs. The poor drake needs some company. *snugs ’em*

Here are a few pictures I took at the Morphicon picnic.

Right after a cup of lighter fluid was tossed on the grill. A few folks were transfixed by the greasy orange blaze. :KD
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Aloha looks so sad in this picture, :KD
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Mr. Tanooki tries on my Ecto-goggles. :K)
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Even the spiders ate well, at the Morphicon picnic.
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I had a Cinnabon for breakfast this morning. It wasn’t as delicious as I remember, :K( I guess being 12 hours old or so might explain that though.


Feeling blah. Not looking forward to skool. I *hate* starting at new places. It isn’t an adventure to me; it’s a series of learning the stupidities and eccentricies of a new place, and just trying to avoid making a total fool of myself stumbling awkwardly into a new routine.

With that whine out of the way, tell me your thoughts on the afterlife. What do *you* think will happen when you get hit by a bread truck?

Oh, and I got meme-infected by bluestareyed. Ask me 6 questions!

Blah. False alarm.

STUPID doctors. Whoever called my Mom up last night with those results was on crack. Her platelets were *high*, not dangerously low. And high platelets are normal for people missing their spleens. How on Earth they managed to bungle that I don’t know…

So other than stressed and annoyed over that, Mom’s fine. x,x

So, here are some pictures of a cute pony who lives across the road from me.

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Mom’s in trouble again.

The doctor called up my mom tonight with some lab results. Her platelets are at 1300. Normally, platelets are at 150,000. This is obviously a Very Bad Thing. She’s going back to the hospital to get checked out.

Levels that low could mean more internal bleeding, or something with a name I can’t pronounce or spell… Geez. She’s scared, and I hope that number is a mistake. :K(


Is it just me…or does the lead vocalist for ‘Disturbed’ sound a lot like 2 when he sings?
They don’t really look anything alike, but it’s interesting to compare their singing voices.

Another day at work with nommuch to do. Feel free to Comment-Chat with me, it’ll distract me and make me happy. :K)