The French test went better than I’d expected…I may’ve done okay. o,o

The research paper I’ll be doing for class is about ‘Blind Spots’ in the media. Holes in coverage that we, everyday folks, can plug with blogs and grassroots journalism. Race, I might ask you some questions if I can corner you sometime. :K)

I bought two more Mavericks, bringing me up to 5. Two I’ll be giving to Swiftwing once they’re painted up, the other two I’ll customize as I see fit and keep them around so I can have dart wars with folks. Or mebbe I’ll sell them to coworkers so we can have…


In other news, my Aunt is now annoying rather than endearing (a sign she’s been visiting us too long) and Abi has warmed up to me enough that even just-woken-Anima doesn’t scare her. (Long hair is cool, but it does horrible and frightening things during the night. Medusa’s got nothing on me, when I’ve just rolled out of bed.) I’ll have to post a picture of Abi sometime, (my niece, visiting with my sister from Tanzania) because she *is* the cutest child evar. :K)

Also, I want to buy a new shirt or two. Can anyone suggest cool looking shirts that come in large sizes? Long-sleeved or short.

French. Bad aim.

I’ve got a French test in forty minutes. Cross your fingers for me, I haven’t studied much. Why?

My allergies are murdering me! Perpetual headache, and if I’m not gushing from the nose (only when I’m drugged up in other words) my throat is like the Sahara. I can’t taste anything, and breathing is compromised. What the hell?! I’ve *never* reacted like this to anything in prior years… The worst I’d get is some congestion.

Also, it seems that no matter where you are and how smart the people happen to be, there will always be people who pee on the seat.

SIR! LIFT THE SEAT! I don’t care how good you think your aim is. Juuuuust liiiiift the seeeeeat! I’m so bloody tired of wiping other people’s liquid waste off a toilet seat, (why did I go with that toilet anyways? the other two were in worse straits) when it’s so easily averted!

I hate people. I need more kleenex. Giant squids are cool. Kittens in breadmakers. Big huskies are awesome. Unflavored ramen-water is foul. I wish I was home.


Well. Apparently there’s a chance that Navy-trained dolphins armed with toxin dart guns were swept out to sea by Katrina and are at large as we speak. O,O,6903,1577753,00.html
True or not, that’s just funny.

I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning at Jewel and Trickster’s apartment in Columbus, where they were hosting a tail-making party. Little in the way of ‘tail-oring’ was done, but much fun was had by most of the furs there. I brought my Nerf Maverick revolvers and they saw heavy and enthusiastic use throughout the night. (In testament to that, five darts are now missing. They must be hidden fairly well, I took a good look around!)

We watched some MST3k films including the short “Mr. B Natural” which was horrifying, and the ‘Sampson vs. the Vampire Women’ which was utterly hilarious. I also got to play the Civilization board game, and enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s like RISK but with far more rules and details, :K) Knowing the computer game helps, but enough has changed to confuse even the best Civilization expert.

Last night I fiddled around with Voregotten Realms, a MUCK I decided finally to take a look at when Torrle vouched for it. It seems rather well set up, at least as far as profiling your character.

I also downloaded a bunch of Dandy Warhols music, and I find I enjoy at least 90% of it! Not bad at all. Sadly Slipscale can’t join me in my affection for my favorite DW song, ‘Bohemian like you’, because it accompanied an annoying commercial in their area. C’est la vie!

Now it’s Monday, and I’m back at work with school to look forward to afterwards. Wish me luck, and that I stay awake! O,o


Paintjob and first mod completed. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I stayed up and finished it.

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I screwed up at several points with the paintjob…but it looks better than it did out of the box. Blue and yellow…eeeersh. I’m just glad it still shoots darts! Making sure everything’s aligned as it was, and all the little springs and catches are engaged is a pain!

Narf! Oops! I mean, Nerf!

Holy cow… I did a google search to see if I could find some contact info for the developers… I really wanted to let those guys know they did an awesome job on that Maverick pistol.

But what do I find instead? A community dedicated to modifying Nerf weapons to increase their range/power.

They do everything from cut out bits of plastic that restrict air flow, to replacing barrels with smaller diameter PVC or even brass tubing. They make custom darts that fly further (and hurt more, apparently) and of course, change the color schemes.

Like this one!

Ah internet, how do I love thee? Let me count the bookmarks…

Avast ye!

Yarrr, it be driving me nuts. Happy berth-day to my swabbie Jewel! Yarrr. She be a winsome lass in any weather.

The weather is just starting to change…but the quality of the sunlight was my first signal today that autumn is descending swiftly upon us.

Maybe you creative right-brained types will understand this next bit…or I may just be rambling.

Do you ever feel like you aren’t cut out to Create for a living? Like you’ll never have original enough ideas, or be able to keep on Creating year after year without your brain drying up? And on the other side of the scale, do you ever have a day when you step outside…feel the magic of the world around you, and just *know* deep down that you are an endless fount of ideas and creative thought, and you could be out creating masterpieces…if only you could get away from the dull, petty, and meaningless problems of everyday life? That last is a comforting and frustrating feeling, and I felt it today when I saw how the sunlight had changed…heralding the return of fall and the impending slumber of the Earth.

Toy store!

Had a nice weekend, hanging out with Swiftwing / Alesta. We watched Batman Begins at the cheap theatre, then swaw ‘Split Second’, and ‘White Noise’ at his place. Split Second is a Blade-Runnner-ish movie starring the guy who played Roy in Blade Runner. o,O He plays a detective in this one, hunting a monstrous entity that’s been ripping the hearts out of young women all over his partially-flooded future-London.

We went to Toys’R’Us at one point to look for a flashing bike light (a part needed for the Giga-meter Ghostbusters prop) and a horse plushie for my niece. We didn’t find either, but what I *did* find was this:

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Isn’t that cool? I’m going to sand off the logos and paint it up, call it an anime revolver for cosplaying and such. This is an example of a toy that has improved with time. It’s a new, solid design and the piece has a great feel and heft to it. So many toys today are horrible! Innovation just isn’t important to these folks. I fiddled with a cheap sound-making ray gun today, and the sounds are *exactly* the same today as they were ten years ago in similar toy guns! That’s unpardonable.

I also saw a RC hummer. It was huge. x,x Toymakers? YOU AREN’T HELPING!

The Home Depot line of toys just made me laugh though. Jimmy, go play with your new toy leafblower! O,o

Piccies to peer at

A number of unrelated photos!

Shaun, here’s what I’ll be mailing out to you soonish. Not as soft as I’d hoped…but quite cute!

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Here are those pack stickers I mentioned. The labels are printed on a transparency, and then spray-glued to a piece of brushed-steel-appearance shelf-liner, (it’s not metal, it’s like contact paper that looks like metal) to give it the look of those metal labels you see on industrial equipment.

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Did I post a picture of the second pair of Ectogoggles I made? Well, here’s a pic of them with a new decal affixed. Very special-ops-ish now. :K9

Here’s my cat AJ looking at me…oddly.

Last and definitely least, the reason why I don’t do art. Hee.