Ren-faire pics

I guess no one cares about Nerf guns. ;,;

This was taken at the counter of one of the weapon-vendors. This guy had the biggest selection of sharp things, but it was pretty much all stuff from Bud-K.
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This gives you an idea of the scale of the little ‘town’ where the faire is held.
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This is only a fraction of the place. There are probably over a hundred individual shops and buildings in the little place.

And this is one of the best action photos I’ve ever managed to capture. There’s a booth where they sell foam ‘swords’ you can beat each other with safely. They encourage people to challenge the folks manning the booth, or each other, since it attracts attention. They let Cat, one of my group, fence with the gentleman you see pictured. Cat’s a black belt and is trained in a few different weapons, so she presented a challenge the vendor certainly wasn’t used to. After the first few exchanges he started backpedaling rather quickly!
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And now I have to go study for a French test. I loathe languages. I fully support forcing American schools to teach kids at least one other language, but I do *not* agree with foreign-language requirements for English majors, or any post-middle-school language instruction if the student has had no other foreign language classes up to that point. The older you are the harder it is to learn. Listening to some of the ‘continuing education’ students (senior citizens mostly) makes that REAL obvious.


So yesterday I drove around, scooping up Raeth, Swiftwing, and Cat. Then we headed to the ren-faire in Harveysburg Ohio!

The faire is held in a small town of false fronted structures with a few more solid structures throughout (like the dungeon of doooooooom!) so it isn’t just a scattering of tents and booths like many faires are.
Jamie showed up during the Swordsmen show, so he didn’t end up missing much at all.

We saw a magician (handkerchief tricks, the Chinese rings, lots of sleight of hand, and a strange trick with a bag that was a different color on the inside every time he turned it inside-out again. (He reversed it three or four times…weird.)

There were the two ‘intinerant swordsmen’ fellows who do a swordfighting/comedy act. I love these guys; their routine is great and they have it down to a science but can still improv when the crowd offers them an opening.

Swiftwing got a nice shortsword for 23 bucks. Cat bought an odd staff-looking thing, black with brass endcaps, that splits in the middle to unsheathe two wicked looking steel blades. Raeth bought a few things here and there I think…

I ended up buying a pair of blue bracers/vambraces,
an iron 4-leaf clover pendant, some neat bookmarks, and a glass hummingbird sipping from a glass flower.
I was eyeing a wonderful-looking rapier, but decided against spending 65 dollars to pick it up. Better to save my money an buy something of far better quality later down the road, eh?

Those vambraces should look quite nice when coupled with the pauldron I bought last year, like this except blue.

I’ll post a couple pictures I took myself later, once I get home and can dump my camera.


Icon-making is fun. I had a Wheel of Fortune ‘before & after’ moment, and grunked this out.

Is it sad that I’d rather have his gun than him? Of course I’ve always liked James Bond’s cars better than him too…

I suck.

I suck at Armored Core! ;,;

Swiftwing’s been trying to get me into the game. I fought a bastard in a Core called ‘Endbomb’ at least a dozen times last night, and got my metallic ass handed to me over and over. So I skipped him and did something else, which I also sucked at.

At least I got my TV tuner card working again! Anyone else have a ATI PCI TV Wonder, and experienced the green-screen problem?

Ren-faire this Sunday, looks like. I’ll be shipping out there with Swiftwing, his two housemates, Jamie Otterbein and Raeth the foxie. That is, if plans don’t fall through. I have my eye out for bits of a costume so I can make an alchemist grenadier outfit. (Lots of little glass flasks with mysterious weird-colored fluids in them, strung on a bandolier! I have no clue whether it’s been done before or not, but it’d look keen.)

Going to paint some more Nerf guns this weekend too if I get the chance. One more goes to Swiftwing, one goes to Lly, and the other two I might put up on Ebay to see if there’s any market for anime-looking cosplay revolvers that actually shoot Nerf darts.

Reveal yourself through music.

Tell me what song you feel portrays you best, and I will try and find the song to listen to it.

For me, I think…(and this is going to sound not only stupid but confusing,) Purple Toupee by They Might Be Giants.

(It’s kind of weird and random, but original and creative, and the more you hear it the more the weirdness doesn’t matter…just the sound of it and the rhythm, which are unreasonably catchy.)

You don’t have to have reasons worked out for yours; it could just be the feeling of the song that seems to scream ‘you’.

Don’t just pick your favorite song, unless you really do feel it embodies you somehow.


Well after posting about guns and spiders for so long, I thought I should post a *cute* picture. So here’s my little niece Abi, on the couch with my sister and my mother. She’s purely adorable and not half as bratty as most kids her age, thank goodness.

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And…well, here’s a gun too. 9,9

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Feels like things are falling apart again. For quite awhile life’s been good, with the vague feeling that stuff would continue to be smooth and level for awhile. Mom is healing up, I like my professors at school, Dad is still employed, my friends are mostly happy…

Now a good friend and his crew are practically homeless, a second is on the edge of losing their apartment due to the stupidity and immaturity of one of their co-renters, another local friend may or may not be hurting right now but won’t respond to my attempts at contact, I’m falling seriously far behind in school, and the combination of all of this just makes me realize how fragile my positive outlook was.

I struggled for years with depression. I never gave suicide a long hard look, but I know it was standing just around the corner from me, waiting for the right moment to offer itself. A few years ago…I stopped taking my depression medication, and just seemed to ‘snap out’ of it. Since then I’ve been making friends, venturing out to meet people, taking trips and having fun.

Rarely has my depression returned, but each time it does, I fear that I’ll fall into a pit and take years more rebalancing myself.

I will do what I can to help my friends. I could use some encouragement though, and some abuse if you see me neglecting my coursework to lounge online. I have responsibilities and I’d better buckle down and clear them out if I’m to become any kind of worthwhile human being.


My friend Shirra Whitefur, his aunt, Omega the stag, and Alyeska have been evicted from the aunt’s home because police deemed the place unsafe to live in. (Having been there, I can see where they’d make a decision like that…but it isn’t right to do it when they have no other place to go.)

Keep them in your thoughts. The donation link below leads to my account for now, until we can get Aunt Kath’s own Paypal info.