Woot. And Eek.

I fixed the second Maverick’s problem. It wasn’t the paint at all, it was an internal fitting that wasn’t seated right, keeping the cylinder longer than it should be. It works great now.

I trapped a big spider that invaded my room, last night.

I then killed a second only-slightly-smaller spider, and found a huge black ugly mandibled beetle. (We’ve had problems with these black beetles before.) I put the beetle in with the caged spider. 6,6 We’re going to have to bomb the house again…

I really don’t want to sleep in a place where bugs bite me while I’m not awake to defend myself with girlish flailing.


Sinus infection again. Autumn is truly here. x,x I spent some of my sick time working on another Maverick pistol.
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Sadly after painting, the cylinder has a terrible time rotating. I wonder why my other painted gun didn’t have this problem…

So how is everyone today? Speak up, and tell me why your weekend rocked/sucked.


While the paint’s drying on my latest attempt at Nerf Gun Prettyfication, I’ll tell you this:

The movie Willow is messed up.

HOWEVER, if you ever wanted to see two hags throwing down like Gandalf and Saruman in LOTR, then you must see this movie. There’s face-clawing, lightning strikes, setting-on-fire, ice-entombing, and a hibachi comes to life and tries to eat a midget!