Teenager-repellent invented

Howard Stapleton has made a device that emits a sound that most older people can’t even hear….but which teenagers can’t stand.


I think this is utterly hilarious. Where would it be employed? In diners? At thrift stores? Churches? I wonder how old you have to be before it no longer affects you….
He perfected it by experimenting on his own children, I should add.

The Nerf Firefly

If you’re interested in hearing about a different (bigger) model of Nerf gun I bought, peek behind
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The Firefly is basically a Maverick with a larger cylinder, stuck in a much bigger shell, with a lamp that simulates muzzleflash (and ‘charges’ the glow in the dark suction cup darts). The mechanism is similar; pull back a slide to cock it, fire, the barrel rotates, leaving it ready to fire again. It has eight shots instead of the Maverick’s six.

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Inside, you can see how little room the components take up. Though it looks rather simple, it’s actually a very intricate maze of plastic and springs. Disassembling and reassembling it is a royal pain in the ass.

Performance wise? Next to the Maverick, it sucks ass. Big time. When you’re used to a Maverick, shooting this thing makes you feel like your new huge gun has…potency problems. The fired darts start falling barely two feet from the barrel, making ranges terrible. I modified this one by removing *all* the air restrictors, even the pegs the darts slide onto to keep them from falling out of the barrels. (Doesn’t seem to be an issue.) This brought the power back up to about the same as a Maverick.

It’s not something I want to do frequently though. With the Maverick, screws and one pressure-fitted metal rod are the only things keeping it together. The Firefly on the other hand has glued parts, which make it very difficult to open up the gun without destroying it. The back of the cylinder was also extremely difficult to pry off so I could get at the air restrictors. It took a good 20 minutes prying at it with a large flat-head screwdriver, and several times I thought I’d damaged the piece beyond saving.

I plan to give it a very nice paint job to see how it looks, but these aren’t going to be offered for sale with any frequency, if at all. They simply cost too much and are way too difficult to work with.

Christmas approaches. I’m trying to buy a glass hummingbird for Mom for Christmas. Dad’s getting a LED headlamp (similar to the one I bought), and my brother…well, maybe I’ll give him a box of one dozen crazed starving weasels. (He’s a brat.) :K) I’ll try and finish the videoclip CD I’ve been putting together to send to relatives as a combination letter/thank-you note for past gifts.

Hmm. I tried playing Guitar Heroes with Soltris tonight. It’s fun, and it isn’t too awful to learn, despite the intimidating number of buttons on the guitar. With a little practice, I might actually get pretty good at it.

Work tomorrow, so I’d better sleep. Take care everyone, and stay warm!

Gathering at Tigerwolf’s

Jamie and I attended a dinner and movie at Tigerwolf’s place, along with a smattering of other furs like Packrat (forgive me if I spelled it differently than you do,) Raven, and some others whose names I never got. Eris/Aeris was one I think.

Anyways, we went to dinner at some kind of buffet place. Tigerwolf treated us all, and whatever he paid, it was too much. That place sucked. x,x The service was great, but the food was meh and the selection was what-the-hell. After golden corral, all other buffets look like the potluck of a four-member bridge club.

We returned to TW’s, and watched Orgazmo. If you haven’t seen it…well, you’re still pure in at least that respect. For those who have seen it… Hee. After that there was a lot of weird conversation, albeit entertaining. I stayed until past 4 a.m. then headed home before I grew too tired to drive. I got lost on the way back, not recognizing a very familiar turn. Twice. 9,9


Any dream where you get to pet and get hugged by a big mountain lion is a good dream. So rumbly! That was a nice surprise.

My regular dream programming resumed after that, as a killer whale went berserk at a seaworld-type show. 9,9

My very first Ebay auction! One of my silly Nerf guns.


Woohoo! I finally got one of the Nerf guns I’ve been working on in good enough shape to try and sell it. I love these things, and I bet most anyone would have fun nailing their friends with little orange suction-cup darts. This thing propels them with enough force to make those darts sting!

Anyways, go look if only to beef up the view-counter and make me feel better. :KD

Thanksgiving was quite nice. Good turkey, mashed taters, green bean casserole and eggnog. :K9 Mmmmmmmm… I have work tomorrow, so I’ll check up on all you LJ folks then.


This is one of those mornings you just want to stay in bed. It’s COLD, I was buried under blankets and plushies and I feel that cold just lurking inches above me. I get up anyways, check my email, then skitter and chatter my way to the bathroom. I glance outside through the basement window into the backyard. Snow. “Ohhhhhhh no.”

After the bathroom I check on the butt of a Nerf gun I painted last night. Wrinkled paintjob. “GODDAMMNIT!” there’s no *reason* for that! I’m going to have to sand it and try it again. ARGH!

I eat a poptart, drink some milk, then snuggle a wuff online and whine to ’em about how cold it is. Then it’s on with the coat, glove…glove? The other one must be in the car. I step outside into the chill, and find my glove on the ground beside my car, covered in snow. x,x Fortunately I could just knock the snow off of it and put it on.

There should be a name for the period when you’re driving to work/school, waiting for the car to heat up enough to turn on the heater. Frostgnosticus! Anyways, the drive was slower than normal because of the snow on the roads (particularly on my road) but it got better closer to the highway of course. Passed a few spun-out cars, (including one that was currently facing the wrong way on the shoulder of a bridge onramp) and one nasty wreck. The cops and salt trucks were out in force. At least The Dandy Warhols and the Tankgirl soundtrack kept me company on the 40 minute commute. ~Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it! Let’s do it, let’s fall in love!~

I think a coworker and I will brave the ugly roads to go get Mexican food for lunch, because we need hot food and a reason to keep working today. o,o


I’m going to geek a bit here about Naruto. Not everyone’s familiar with the series, and for good reason; most of it hasn’t made it to the ‘states yet. But it’s been running in Japan for quite some time, (there are 160 episodes to date) and fansubs have been enthralling anime fans here for almost as long.

There are slow portions, for sure. ‘Filler’ as we tend to call it. But there are some things the series does far too well. Remember Evangelion? Remember how the hero boy was such a whiny little moron? They never really explained WHY he was such an emo cupcake, did they? Abandonment issues was about all we could pin on him.

In Naruto, there’s a character named Gaara. Gaara of the Desert. He’s of the Sand Ninja, from a hidden ninja village in a different country than Naruto’s own village. He is a tortured soul, and the animators manage to push that through to you. Emotional pain is extremely hard to get across, particularly when it’s pain few people can possibly identify with.
Some spoilers here,


I went and sprang for the color mindmap. It’s neat, showing how people are connected… Take a look, you might even make a new friend by seeing how many of your friends watch them.


I spent the weekend laying around, accumulating Neopoints on Neopets (dammit), painting Nerf gun parts, and feeling like a useless lazy excuse for a human being. Flunking two of my three classes this quarter probably has something to do with that. I won’t know about the third course for a few days yet.

I sure hope the ADD meds solve all my attention-span problems. Otherwise…I’m in trouble.

Another one?!

Happy birthday Twiztidwolf!

Mom and Dad are out visiting relatives this weekend, so I’ve got until Monday to have wild orgy-centric parties. Or, I could just spray-paint Nerf guns. ;,;

How do you invite people to an orgy, anyways? Is there a section of cards at the drugstore for that? Homewarming. Orgies. Nuptials. Or is it more like a word of mouth thing? Let people know about it after church in the foyer, or in the bathroom at work?

Sometimes I’m happy to be so relatively innocent. :K)

In other news, I will half-seriously criticize things to get attention.

Prince of Persia sucked. Neverwinter Nights is more like Errand Boy Evenings. All of you DDR freaks are the reason the company has to keep scrambling to make insanely more difficult versions, making all us casual DDRers more embarrassed than ever to step up to the pad!

More to follow. ;KD