Remember the free iPods thing that actually turned out to be legit? That gave me hope to try for this ‘500 dollar Ebay gift card’ thing. is a monstrous, horrible, pus-spewing bucket of cat piss.

I managed to squeak through with offers that cost me almost nothing, striving towards that 500 dollars. I get to the part that says LAST STEP, choose two silver offers. I do. It says again LAST STEP, choose two gold offers. I find two that don’t cost me much at all. Then, (did you see this coming?) Choose FOUR Platinum offers! (LAST STEP!) Did they change the list of offers for each level? They added a few, and kept the ones from the previous level. By now I’ve used up all the ones that cost less than ten dollars (or that are totally free, which the E-Researchgroup site says are ALL TOTALLY free, with free shipping too, which is another blatant lie.)

On top of that, they leave themselves a dozen loopholes. If you have a popup blocker, or your browser isn’t set to accept ALL cookies, etc. etc. then they don’t have to give you squat. Also, all the offers you plan to cancel out of within 14 days? They want 6 WEEKS before recognizing the completion of offers. You are screwed on every single front.

So, I asked for it, and got it, and now I can tell you all. Steer clear of these bastards.


Well, my latest auction is doing well,

but I’m a little concerned about the bidder who’s winning at the moment. Just joined Ebay apparently…brand new user. No feedback. Will he pay? Does he even know how the site works? o,O I guess I’m starting to realize why merchants are so paranoid about things sometimes…


Well, Christmas morning is here. I got a lot of the things I asked for this year, including some light-up IDE cables (yes, I’m a geek), some silicone mold rubber (for making molds so I can cast metal pieces for props), five books (two from my Amazon wish list and three about writing), and four T-shirts. Oh, and some car wash certificates. o,O Yay! Good stuff.

Mom liked her glass hummingbird, and Dad loves the LED headlamp I got him. (He put it on right away, then went downstairs to find something to solder with the cordless soldering iron Mom got him. He’s kind of a geek too.)

Amazon failed me, as far as getting my brother’s gift certificate emailed to him on time. *shakes fist*

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas!

I just want all of you, whether you’re with family right now or all alone, to try and kindle for a moment the warmth you felt as a child on Christmas. The giddy excitement, the contentment after your greed had been sated, the free and easy feeling knowing you still have some time off before school started up again.

Just because you may be home alone eating some ramen and you have to work tomorrow doesn’t mean you have to throw away Christmas. The day means a lot of different things to people, and whatever it means to you, know that it *is* a special day. MAKE it a special day.

Ack! My fingernail just came off!

Chronic-what-icles of Narnia

I’m re-sharing this with you all, because it’s utterly hilarious. It’s a SNL skit, a rap about the Chronicles of Narnia…done by two white kids. It’s illin’, yo. :KD

If you want to download the file, try here.

Or just the audio, here.

Nerf gun annoyance

The Nerf gun that keeps jamming is driving me nuts. I replaced the whole barrel-turning assembly and the trigger, and I get the same problem. So…it must be the cylinder. I’ll paint up another cylinder and drop that in, see if it helps. If not… Well then I’m stumped. I’ll gut the gun and toss the painted frame in a bin. :K(

Convinced Mom and Dad to go to Fricker’s last night for dinner. They enjoyed the food, though Mom’s tastebuds were too timid to handle even the garlic wings. She quit after two. o,o Oh well. As you may’ve guessed, not much has been going on lately. ;KD