Trigun, Vash’s revolver based on a real firearm.

Well I only recently learned this, so maybe some of you missed it too. Remember Vash the Stampede’s big revolver? It was based off of this,

An Italian semi-automatic revolver called the Model 6 Unica by Mateba Arms. It wasn’t just a random gun dreamed up by the animators. Add that to your store of useless geek trivia! (Apparently it was also the basis for handguns used in Ghost in the Shell.)

There’s a nice Wiki entry on it here,


In honor of Friday, I started a Nerf LJ community. Why? Because the ones that exist are defunct.

Anyone who’s actually interested in the Nerf posts I make should probably watch the community at least. You might see some truly cool schtuff from other folks than me.

Looks like homework is the magic word for this weekend. Le sigh. I’m also going to try and Plastidip the grips of a Nerf gun to see what happens. :KD

China builds a sun!

Well, an artificial sun, hoped to produce fusion.

I had a terrible dream last night. Someone dumped very large wheat-colored spiders all over me while I was trying to sleep. They scurried over my blanketed body, but thankfully avoided my face. >,< Then, two of the spiders turned out to be starfish, which were screaming in tinny agony as they died from lack of water. I will try never to have steak before bed again.

Big Guns.

Ebay is addictive. I got this for a fraction of retail, so I don’t feel too bad about messing with it to make a prop replica.

This is an Airsoft replica of Robocop’s sidearm, the P.678 apparently. It’s ridiculously large. I provided the diskette for scale.
Free Image Hosting at

This is The Jackal, the second weapon used by Alucard the vampire in the anime series Hellsing.
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I think my course is clear. :K)


I finished the fourth disc last night, and like anyone in my position I suspect, I’m left sitting there saying ‘Where’s the rest?’

Well, if Fox knows what’s good for ’em, they’ll bring the show back and treat us to season after season of Old West meets Privateer.

What do we have to do? March en masse on the studio, all wearing brown coats?

‘Nother Nerf gun

I loved the Sharpshooter II when I was a kid. I broke it last time I tried to disassemble it though… This time it’s back together successfully!

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Out of curiousity, does anyone watching my journal have some Nerf guns they’d like to sell me? I’m looking for a few particular models. I figure some of you may have a few kicking around the basement or attic that don’t see use anymore.