Let’s see… I tried to register for classes today, but due to academic probation I have to see an advisor before the website will let me. x,x

Our little gray cat Pewter is sick. He’s been laying around with none of his usual nervous energy…he hardly responds to anything. Mother tried to take him to the vet today, but we couldn’t find him this morning. x,x

I’m trying to catch up on my French homework. I did half of it last night, I’ll finish up tonight after my horrible 3.5 hour-long statistics class.

Nice start to the week! Let’s hope it improves drastically from here. o,o

Old SSI Atari Games, Anyone Interested?

I found these at 1/2 Price Books last week, and thought I’d mention them here to you all in case one of you happened to be an avid collector of old Strategic Simulations inc. games. ;K)

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The titles are: Star Command, Wizard’s Crown, Roadwar Europa, Roadwar 2000, Rings of Zilfin, Stellar Crusade, Demon’s Winter, and a second copy of Wizard’s Crown. All are (according to their stickers) for the Atari ST except for Star Command which is labelled IBM PC (5 1/4″ disks) and the non-plastic-wrapped Wizard’s Crown which is labelled merely Atari (and also uses 5 1/4″ disks). All the Atari ST ones use 3.5″ diskettes. Every single game seems to have at bare minimum the manual and quick install guide. Most of them still have the registration cards, company catalogs…one even has handwritten notes on the game by its previous owner. The boxes are in great shape really, the boxart still vivid and almost totally unblemished.

So if any of you are interested in this stuff, let me know and we’ll work out a deal. If not, up on Ebay they go. :K)

Oh, birthdays and cubicle partners.

Happy birthday javachickn! Aaaaand looks like I missed Dook’s. >,< Happy belated, tuberat! Sorry about that. I met Amy, the girl I'm to be sharing my cubicle with soon. Nice girl, though I've rarely seen anyone wear quite that much jewelry before. o,o It wasn't quite to the point of 'You might as well be wearing armor', but it would cause a significant delay at airport security. :K) Also, she wore a top that's cut rather low, and her gothic-crest-type tattoo is distracting. :KD We'll probably get along fine. ABC meme stolen from Athelind.

DDR update

I played some more DDR last night, but being tired, I did poorly on a lot of the songs. Disappointing how much I’ve lost in my hiatus from the game. I’m at about 65% of my peak ability. Jumps in series throw me more at the moment than anything else. So ‘Midnight Special’ makes me cry.

I tried making some homemade Nerf darts this past week (known to ‘serious’ Nerfers as ‘Stefans’ after their creator) out of caulk backer rod. It’s this gray foam that comes coiled in a bag. You cut it into lengths, then heat them in the dryer or with a hairdryer…which magically straightens each dart. (I have yet to find the method to make this work well. 9,9 )

The few darts I have managed to make fairly straight, I dipped in plastidip. Results were hilariously bad. The dart flies ten feet or so, then seems to stop and JIG in mid-air. Riverdancing almost. Then it falls to the floor. Entertainingly disappointing!

Yay! DDR.

I finally cleared away the stack of Nerf guns and packing boxes that’s been accumulating in my room for the past two months, and put down my DDR pad again. I duct-taped it to the carpet this time, (enough with half-assed measures like non-skid mats!) and though it did escape the silvery bindings at a point or two, it was much less frustrating than it’s been in the past.

I did seven or eight songs with a break in the middle, before my legs announced that they had retained little of the conditioning from the time I was dancing every night. I’ll get back on the wagon quickly enough though, and resume CALORIE DESTRUCTION! (Sounds better than exercise, doesn’t it?)

Visual Diary

First of all, happy birthday to flamingcherry. I hope you’re coping okay with the breakup and all…have some fun today!


Some of you may remember when I made a Visual Diary LJ entry a year or two ago. The idea was to walk you through a typical day of mine with a series of photos.

A few things have changed since I did that, (new office, new campus, messier room,) so I think I’ll do it again. Same deal, one post for a workday and one for a schoolday.

I encourage all of you that don’t mind sharing some of your Real Life online with us mutual cyberstalkers, to do the same. If you’re shy about showing yourself in the pictures, that’s perfectly alright. I take them all from my perspective, so all you see is what I see, not myself. :K)