Happy birthday to phar the Zebroo, trin_drachewolf, and drakenhart. I hope you all have an excellent day. Do something to mark the occasion, don’t let this be just another ‘meh’ birthday. Go to an auction, organize a flash mob, throw balloons full of paint at rude people!


News re: Anima? Depressed. May not be around this weekend, online.

Nerf ‘Maverick’ six-shot revolver, custom-painted and modified, for sale.

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This is one of the latest Nerf guns I’ve modified, sanded, and painted. The obnoxious Nerf logos are gone, and I’ve rubberized the handle for a superior grip. Ranges are around 30 feet with the stock ammo I include with the gun. The cylinder now rolls fully out from the frame, while unmodified cylinders roll only 1/3 of the way free of the frame.

This is a great office weapon, perfect for inter-cubicle warfare. 😉 Start a Nerf arms race at your place of business! Relieve stress by popping a cap in the asses of your coworkers! Impress women! (Okay, maybe not.)

View the Ebay auction here,

A birthday?

It’s goldenwolfen’s birthday today, according to LJ. So, happy birthday! Uhh…start growing bean plants on your windowsill! That’s an excellent way to celebrate.

And a meme that Gizmonine stuck me with. ;K)

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Cherry pie filling I love this stuff…straight out of the can even.
Literary: Mercedes Lackey books I know they’re formulaic, but I love ’em.
Audiovisual: The Simpsons I love The Simpsons. It’s usually more clever than South Park, and not as repetetive as Family Guy.
Musical: Linkin Park I like some of their songs. x,x
Celebrity: Alan Dean Foster I acted like such a fanboy at FC when I saw him there. Meh.

Now I tag:-
ionotter bigwolfbebad xianjaguar girtygrin and slipscale

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

Cheap video card

Another techie-junk alert. Do you have a PCI-express-supporting motherboard? Do you have an older or underpowered videocard?
Here you go. 159 bucks for lots of pipelines.

A review of it.
Some pretty charts.

Only problem is, those of us who need better video cards probably don’t have PCI-express. x,x Still, it’s possible. This is the videocard that made me rather upset about buying the one I did a few weeks ago. I bought the low-end model of ATI’s newest line of cards, and this x850 older card beats the pants off of it. Reviews show that this card performs as well as Nvidia’s Geforce 6800 Ultra, a card that costs *at cheapest* 100 bucks more than the x850.


I would like to know who thought nosehair combat would be a great basis for an anime.

And I would like to then find this person, and ask them WHY THEY FELT THEY HAD TO FUCK WITH MY MIND LIKE THAT?!!!