Stolen from monaleilani,

It’s an evolution game called ‘Flow’. You’re a little microscopic-type critter swimming around, eating smaller critters. It’s soothing, addictive, and not quite finished. Go play for a few hours. Make sure you have the latest Flash.

I’m feeling somewhat more cheerful. Thank you everyone who offered support.

Bumblebee dogfighting

I sat out on the deck today behind our house, enjoying the sunshine.

There’s a huge fat bumblebee up there, apparently just viciously guarding the deck against wasps. Wasps fly up, the bumblebee takes off like a rocket and RAMS it! They tussle in midair for a bit, then the wasp retreats. Bumble returns to the center of the deck to hover, waiting… Repeat, roughly every ten seconds.

Bumble bees are so funny. They’re like fat fuzzy little hunter seeker assassin devices. I’d love to edit the movie to have a bumble bee instead of the ‘seeker. Bzzzz…bzzzzzzzz…bzz?! Bzzzz-BZGEGDRFGEEEE—BZAT!