Another one?!

It’s Jabberdragon’s birthday. Go rub his tummy. :KD

Had my French interview today. Just 5% of my grade, but…terrifying. 10 minutes of trying to converse with my professor in French. I understood what she asked usually, but formulating answers on the fly is something I still can’t do yet. Loooooong pauses while I groped for words.

I’m going to try and get a haircut Friday. Goodbye long hair. No more mane.

I’m tired again. Does it show? Goodnight.


It’s late. I am tired.

I saw Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise is crazy. The plot wasn’t as predictable as I thought it was, in places. Although the exploding gum will never be topped, I do want to praise the Shaun from Shaun of the Dead actor for being hilarious.

Hung out with Jamie, Soltris, and Skandranon t’night. We saw the movie, we ate wings, we had a brief Nerf fight, we watched Adult Swim, we watched Skan play with lasers, and I watched Soltris do some incredibly entertaining things in Burnout Revenge. (Can you imagine a car crash in a tunnel so violent that the car ricochets off the *opposite* walls five times before losing enough momentum to scrape to a stop?)

Entertainingly enough, both Jamie and Soltris each gave me a birthday gift that was more thoughtful than any of the gifts my family gave me. That’s…sad in a way, but expected in another, since friends know your interests better than your family in most cases. But really Mom, you bought me Stealth?! Eyuck! And ‘Crash’? It’s…apparently a movie about a car wreck, and racism. Uhh…yay.

I had my annual review at work on Friday. Despite my numerous sick-days and near-constant late arrivals (technically I should be at work by 9:00 a.m. I’ve been showing up around 11, 12, even 2 o’clock) I received glowing marks in all the areas I’m evaluated in, which either shows how little attention my supervisor spares to keep track of me…or how laid back he and everyone else in the office is.

Lastly, I think being an innovative gunsmith would be an awesome job. Make stupid, crazy stuff, like a pistol that takes shotgun shells. A modern-day blunderbuss. Rapid-fire RPG launcher. Car-mounted weapons. Gunblades. Shoulder-mounted jello cannons. Ham-launchers. Ragu-grenades.

I’m tired. Goodnight.


We had a rather fierce storm last night, and those mighty gale-force Ohio zephyrs convinced a very large branch to plummet from its lofty height…right down across our power line! It took out electricity, water, and our main phoneline in one fell swoop. (We have a well. No power, no water.) My Dad’s business phoneline was left unmolested, but last night when the power people came (they actually showed up *that* night? A bribe must be involved. Farmersville is six feet beneath the totempole.) they had to disconnect that phone line too to get the power line untangled.

So…no internet at home, and no email whatsoever since I can’t check my webmail from work. M’sorry if you’ve been trying to reach me, :K(

I lurked around a subdivision near home last night, vampirically glomping onto an unguarded wireless connection with my lappy to send whoever was online at the time a blurb explaining why I wouldn’t be around. Balancing the laptop between my chest and the steering wheel while typing necessitated that I be brief. (I really need an antenna for my wireless card.)

Also…the cops were prowling around, looking for the suspicious car that kept creeping past the houses of worried suburbanites. (It would be interesting trying to explain why I was prowling in a subdivision I didn’t live in, in a car filled with Nerf guns. That makes me look *extremely* creepy. O,O ) Sorry everyone.

Birthday tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll do anything special for it. School has me too wound up and blah to get too excited. o,o


I’m not well. Allergies are killing me, and it looks like they triggered another sinus infection. I’ve got coughing, nose-running, sneezing, and resulting sinus headaches to deal with. I have two papers due at the end of the month, a 10 minute French interview with my professor, and two final exams a few days after that.

Last night I dreamt that my younger brother had animated a movie. Starring me. Some of it was true, most of it was lies, and it was designed to make me appear to be the worst, scariest human being on the planet. He released it on the ‘net, but though I’d heard about it I hadn’t seen it myself yet. People *everywhere* were calling me by name and asking why I was such a douche/maniac/jerk/monster. I kept trying to tell them that my brother was the one who was an asshole, but everytime I tried to explain I was interrupted by another person coming over to blather at me. I never *did* see the movie in the dream, just got some glimpses of it. It looked like animated Sin City, and the content was probably similar.

On a more positive note, you all need to visit Jonathan Coulton’s website. You need to listen to Code Monkey, and Re Your Brains. Then, you will probably be inclined to buy some songs from him. This is hilarious, catchy stuff. Take it from someone who does not *buy* music casually. I’ve purchased one CD in the last…five years I think. An album from The Dropkick Murphies. And I was disappointed.

Ask A Ninja, again.

This one tickled me muchly. Go watch it.

Ask A Ninja is a perfect example of how a guy with a camera, a computer, and some black cotton can start an internet phenomenon that will snowball into glorious job-necessity-erasing T-shirt sales.

Homestarrunner is another good example, but that involves a lot more work. Animating talking brooms and spotted wedges of cheese must take dozens of hours! ;K)

Research Paper

So I’m in the midst of researching for a research paper. The topic? Satire and irony in Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” (For those who don’t recall, it’s the satiric proposal that Irish Catholic children be bred for meat, for domestic consumption as well as export), and modern parodies of it (like “Report From Iron Mountain”) as well as works which just use the same ironic/satiric devices and strategies (which I’ll need to enumerate and describe).

It’s not as ambitious as my last paper, but this doesn’t need to be as long, either. It ought to be entertaining to write (when is eating children not funny?) and will let me show my professor that I can do a better job when my head’s screwed on right. (Which it isn’t, at the moment.)

((((Yay for parens!!!))))

I also should provide hilarious illustrations to go with this paper. Children in pots, free-range children, Norman Rockwellian children with quality-inspection stamps on their heads…


I didn’t update yesterday, and missed a birthday. Happy birthday Bastian! I hope someone tied up your present nicely. Err, wrapped, I mean.

I have twenty days of school left, including finals. I have two papers to write, and two finals to take in that time. Not too bad, I should manage. I hope I pass French, and with a burst of hard work I should manage to.

Had a few more writing ideas lately. Just elements I’ll be able to integrate into future stories. Stuff like bathroom stall doors that are transparent, but turn opaque once latched. Never have to peek under the door again to make sure it isn’t occupied!

Found another cache of Nerf guns at Goodwill, including two of a model that shoots around corners. Yay! Also found an older Supersoaker (the green and purple Super Soaker 60 if anyone remembers that) that someone donated…with a full tank of water. 9,9 Well…I *hope* it was water.