Michigan update

Well, last night I managed to find Nikvulper and Gir Tygrin’s place, and we hung out for awhile. Activities included cat-searching, yakking, Applebee’s scarfing, and cardboard-box Tetris! :K) Raeth and Keet joined us for dinner, and all around it was a good time I was glad to have snatched.

My sister and her family seem well, and are adjusting slowly to being back in the US again. They’ll be following us down south again in a few days to stay at our home for a week or two. Mom, Dad and I are heading back today. I should get home around 9:00 pm.

M’glad to see Ionotter’s out of the hospital, *squeezesotter!* and Jamie seems in better spirits.

Did any more of you download the fox video I linked you to? o,o


Wellll, I’m off to Michigan with the family. I’ll be back Friday.

My sister’s flying in from Tanzania, returning with her family after a year of missionary work. She’ll be staying a few months, then going back for another stint, living in a converted train boxcar.

I may or may not have ‘net access. Raeth and you other Michigan furs, let me know if I should pop by or not. If I can wrest control of the car from the folks, I’ll try and come see ya.


Partially so I remember in the morning…story idea!

Write a series of stories with a cliched superhero foiling the misguided (but well-intentioned) acts of global terror and mischief of a…not ‘mad’ exactly but…unhappy scientist. :KD

Things like…blowing EMP bombs in television stations across the world to remove TV’s corrupting and stupifying hold on the population. Well, it’s well-intentioned, but my my, that’s a lot of expensive equipment ruined! And public TV would be lost too! So of course our cardboard hero has to step in and put a stop to it.

Each story would be wildly satirical, and hopefully hilarious.

Also, that dungeon meme thing is hilarious so I’m stealing it from Skunktaur. ‘You hear the sound of anthropomorphism in the distance… You quaff a potion of WRITING–it tastes like furry. Brahma the minotaur stands here (75 HP) The Monster blocks your way!’

I died in the Dungeon of Animakitty

I was killed in a grimy tomb by Cchuber the zombie, whilst carrying…

the Sceptre of Chaos Cat1979, the Axe of Graphic Novels, the Wand of Delako, the Armour of Shutaro, the Dagger of D Raven, the Axe of Ursulav, the Armour of Vore, the Amulet of Writing and 100 gold pieces.

Score: 75

Explore the Dungeon of Animakitty and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon…

One more post,

Here’s a yousendit link for a 35 meg WMV file of Ember, the red fox, being skittish, cute, and opportunistic with us all feeding her craisins. :K) Apologies for the quality and the frustrating moments of off-camera-ness. I had to pan slowly when she was nearby to avoid startling her. x,x


Cut-away Lightsaber

Oh. My. Gawd. Most of you know I’m a geek for movie props, and I’ve seen some pretty awesome work shared over the ‘net. But this takes a WHOLE lot of cake.

A scale cross-section of Obi-wan’s lightsaber.

There are more jaw-dropping pics here, http://www.rpf.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=110655

The level of detail is just…mindboggling. This is not a fan-made sink-tube saber. This is art, tons of original design. If this doesn’t make it into the next Star Wars Visual Dictionary, someone’s losing their job.


I have to wish Starian2006 happy birthday t’day. Go eat something rare and forbidden!

The most exciting news of the day: My friend Jamie was robbed at gunpoint today at the gas station where he works. …Eek. Then he had to work the other 12 hours of a 16 hour shift. Not a good Monday for the otter. x,x If you see him around, send him hugs and pettable foxes.

The least exciting weekend evar: I’m cleaning my room. I’ve been cleaning it for two days. Since I’m using my bed as a sorting table, I haven’t slept in it all weekend. Oh well, at least my den will be navigable again!

This LJ post brought to you by the letter G, fallback of obsolete wiggers everywhere.

Wolf Park

Well, unlike the con, I took a ton of photos and video at Wolf Park. The fence is in the way of everything but the foxes Ember and Basil, but I still got some good shots. Taking a cue from Bastian, I put the pics in a Flickr gallery you can go peek at.