If the rest of America is anything like me, we don’t give much thought to helping others…volunteering, donating, etc. because it seems like none of it helps. You give to a panhandler, they buy drugs. You take petitions door to door, you’re abused. You try and organize people for some cause, people question your motives.

It’s this feeling that overall, it’s all for naught. We even feel that way globally, now. Our activities in Iraq? They’re certainly unpopular here. And what impact are we having, really, when our guys are being killed every day by citizens of the country we’re supposedly trying to aid? (At least, the news only shows us that side. You don’t see thrilled Iraqi families being interviewed anymore, do you? The individual is eliminated, forcing you to see only the faceless teeming mass of the whole population.)

I need to remind myself that the big picture is *not* what we should be looking at when it comes to helping another human being. We’re brothers and sisters. Helping out another person is so much more important than we think. Have you been stuck on the side of the road, and gotten help from a random stranger? Probably after hundreds of people zoomed past? That meant a *lot* to you, didn’t it? It didn’t mean nearly as much to the person who stopped for you, and that’s exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about.

I’m just blathering, I s’pose. I’m still awake for some reason. Niteynite.


I tried two of the abandonware games I downloaded, using the Dosbox emulator for both.

Syndicate Wars runs very slowly in the actual battlefields, despite ‘overclocking’ DOSbox. I’m hoping to figure out how to improve that as I learn how to use the emulator.

Chronomaster works alright, though the sound is choppy…a problem I remember with the game being played off the CD as well. It’s still hard to believe clever, suave Rene Korda is voiced by Ron Perlman. o,O Brent Spiner’s voice is fairly recognizable though, :K)

What’s next? Probably


A happy belated birthday to Mr. Lean, and an on-time one to Felixnminerva!

My car’s in the shop, spent the night at Jamie’s. I’m…disheveled, but at work. Whee!

Found the Nerf Longshot at Walmart. Bought two. This thing is compensation, 100%. It needs powered up though…

Dad update

Dad (or semi-colon as he is now known between my mean friend Jamie and I) is in a lot of pain right now as his newly-shortened bowel starts doing work again. Every fart is a success-story, folks.

He’s being discharged tomorrow and coming home, where he’ll be unable to do much of anything for weeks and weeks.

His incision is horrific. It stretches from the top of the groin up *through* the navel and an inch or two above that. The stitching looks like the stitching on a football, or on a murdering psychopath’s face.

Awright, so…not much response on the story post. Thanks to you two who sent me praise outside of LJ. *licks*