Stumble Upon took me to a site with free vidoes/movies/documentaries linked from googlevideo and other such sites. Y’know what I found?

Now that was a trippy flashback. It’s kind of entertaining to note how the video made no attempt to explain what damage drugs inflicted on the brain, and the lungs? They weren’t even mentioned. Whether that was to keep kids interested or just because the writers didn’t have any solid information to work from, I dunno. :KD It’s also kind of odd that only one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle makes an appearance. Were the rest of the voice actors too good to participate? o,O Eeesh.

My textbook bill came to only 50 bucks for this coming quarter. Woot!


If you don’t use Stumble Upon, and you surf the web a lot, you’re losing out.

It showed me this webcomic today, (Gotta love the domain)

I love this comic. The author is very smart, and yet retarded in the same way my friends and I are sometimes… That is, dorky. After the first few weeks of the archives, I’m saving virtually every other comic they amuse me so regularly. Some of it is ‘Wow, I would’ve thought of that…if I’d been smarter.’ A lot of it is ‘….What the HELL?! HAH-HAH-HAH! Ohhhhhhh gawd, that’s awesome.’


Jamie and I went to go see The Flaming Lips in concert tonight, (Sonic Youth and The Magic Numbers were also there, but as far as I’m concerned they were something to be endured rather than enjoyed).

I’d never really heard of the Flaming Lips ’til Jamie played a song or two of theirs when he proposed the concert a few weeks ago.

Their show was crazy! They had four confetti/streamer cannons on stage, a big smoke machine, a stockpile of enormous blue balloons, tons of glowsticks they just tossed out into the crowd… Great light show too, with a huge projection screen they played videos on to go with each song.

This was my first ‘real’ concert. The others I’ve been to were Christian rock events as a kid, and…well, they aren’t the norm.

The smell of beer, smoke bombs, pot, and cloves lingers on my rain-soaked clothes. (Yesh, it rained on us. Pleasantly, mostly. The drive home was another story. We’re lucky we made it, x,x )

Job opportunity

Attention Ohio People!

My father got word of some work in Ada Ohio at Ohio Northern University. For 9 days, they need someone to help network student’s computers (laptops I think) and are paying 35 bucks an hour with a 50-dollar-a-day per diem.

If any of you are free to think about pursuing this, comment and I’ll get you more details.

Prop Shopping List

In building several props, I’ve come up with a list of parts I still need. If you have access to anything below or know a good place to purchase ’em, let me know? Some of these things are so scarce, they’ve been evading prop-builders for *years*.

Nycoil Banjo tips: part #55020 in the Nycoil catalogs. Nycoil doesn’t sell to private parties, only companies, and I haven’t been able to find a distributor who carries these things. Also, the modern version is nickel, not accurate for my purposes.

Alkon AQ68-P Connector

Foster Quick Connects. It’s really made up of two parts. The #B22-2 Plug, and the #2022 Socket.
Free Image Hosting at

Raytheon Crank Knob: Can you believe these things retail for 65 bucks and more? The one I need is 1-1/4″, and gray and black are both acceptable.

Paterson RC Print Squeegee (mfg part # 255) It’s 13 5/8” long by 3” wide.

Dental Expansion Screws: Made by Glenross. The correct style is the large screw, not the spring tension model.

CASIO MQ-1 Pocket Calculator:

Texas Instruments Exactra 20 calculator:

U.S. Divers/Aqua-Lung scuba tank harness called the KAM “EZ” PAK. Width: 2 3/16″
Length: 2 3/16″ Thickness : 1/2″


46 series Hengstler counter

Kobold camera flash

1972 Fire Extinguisher Dispersion Nozzle

Graflex 3-cell camera flash
The reflector dish isn’t necessary.

Paterson Chemical Stir Stick

Sterling Arms Mk4/L2A3 Submachine Gun (Doesn’t have to be functional at all, just intact!)

WWI British rifle grenade, the No. 3 Mk. 1
Free Image Hosting at

SPAS 12 Shotgun cage and pump handle (Yeah, I know, I’m dreamin’)

Remington M870 Shotgun parts
Free Image Hosting at

M1-A1 Thompson parts (Even Airsoft would work)
Free Image Hosting at

Beretta 92FS (Airsoft)

Redman Orbital scrubber/furniture polisher ’78

(I have less information about the items below)

Kango 426 Rotary-Hammer drill casing

“Hama” German slide viewer

Hama Release Timer

Jobo “Laboratory Lamp” minilight light meter (part number 6415)

It’s also for my own reference. Items in the list above composed props from Ghostbusters, Star Wars, and Aliens. Some are more obvious than others, ;K)


Yesterday: Shirra Whitefur turned over another digit on hir odometer!
Today: Astor edges that much closer to his personal meteor-impact!
Tomorrow: Moonstalker survives another orbit around the sun!

I made a Nerf post with a pretty picture yesterday, and everyone on the Nerf filter presumably saw it. :K) If you want to be on the filter, lemme know.

I’ve lost bids on at least a dozen Iona shoe polishers on Ebay over the past two years, (the shoe polisher was used as the case for the PKE meter from Ghostbusters) but I’ve managed to buy a resin shell cast from an original Iona. Now I can finally start thinking about making a PKE meter. (It’s essential for walking around cons, because it gives you something to do instead of just waltzing through looking dopey. ;K) )

Been trying to get back into working on my proton pack. It’d be nice to have it finished before the school quarter really gets going, though that’s a couple weeks off still.

I’ve been playing System Shock 2 for the first time. Creeeepy. Not sure how it manages that in a way Doom3 very rarely did.