Happy belated birthday to Xianjaguar! (Sorry Xian, o,o) Happy birthday Goldfur and Millerwolf! And an early happy birthday for Conneich! All of you had better have(or had) an awesome day, replete with ice-cream and festive explosions.

Saw something odd. Firefox registers as a 2 *gig* entry in the windows add/remove program list. I emptied the cache, but that didn’t affect it. What the heck?


Almost wrecked on 35 today. A bunch of people got over into an exit lane on the highway, only to realize within seconds that their exitramp was shut down and blocked off by squad cars. One of these unfortunate souls, after having slowed down to 20 mph or so by the coalescing backup, decides to yank the wheel over and swing his big F-150 (or whatever) pickup truck into the middle lane. I was in the middle lane. The handle of his driver’s side door was about even with my right headlight. I was doing 50. The roads are soaked with rain.

I didn’t even try to brake. I just yanked *my* wheel and did pretty much exactly what he did, diving into the left lane without looking. Lucky for me, that lane was deserted.

If I’d been distracted for a split second or driving five mph faster, that would’ve turned into a massive pileup and shut down the highway. I want to stomp on the man’s face who pulled that stunt. I want him banned from so much as cycling, for life. I want his nice shiny truck sledgehammered to death in front of him *by* his insurance agent.

Four hours later, I’m still shaky.