Proton pack electronics, wand kit

One thing I never really planned to go in-depth with personally is the electronics for the proton pack.  I have no expertise with circuits, wiring, LEDs, etc.  Fortunately for me though, a few people on the propping forums *are* experts, and have put together some wonderful kits to install in our props.

Hyperdyne is one such lad, but his offerings (though awesome) are generally too expensive for my tastes.  Exoray, the other big name in the field of proton pack lighting, offers cheaper kits that do the same job or better for less cash.

His latest accomplishment is a kit for installation in the neutrona thrower or ‘wand’ part of the proton pack.  His kit comes with LEDs, accurate switches, a LED bar-graph, and a board to run it all.  The switches actually activate different lights, and there are something like a dozen different modes for the bar-graph, set with dipswitches.  The deluxe version of the kit even includes a laser in the gun-barrel light assembly, and a vibration module for installation in the wand’s grip.

A recent customer posted a video of the kit, installed in his own thrower.


Good God that’s pretty.  o,o

Christmas Shopping Get-Together

I’m scheduling the Christmas Shopping thing for the Saturday after this coming one, which would be the 9th.  We’ll meet at the Dayton mall’s food court at 11:00 a.m. in front of Sbarro’s.  After lunch, we’ll roam the mall, then see if we want to hit any of the surrounding stores.  Plans are flexible after that, and we could end up doing a movie, dinner, whatever.

To clarify, this isn’t a gift exchange.  This is just to give everyone a chance to get whatever Christmas shopping they need done, done, and hopefully have more fun doing it with a group along.  :K)

Try and let me know if you can make it, so I can arrange carpooling and such if necessary.

Crud! The Hobbit is doomed.

“Due to legal wranglings with New Line Cinema over accounting issues for Lord Of The Rings, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh will not be involved in the making of either The Hobbit or the planned Lord of the Rings prequel.”

Wait…LOTR prequel? The Hobbit is all the prequel we need. Do you really want to see a younger Aragorn (only in his fifties maybe!) and Frodo in diapers? What would be the point, seriously? It would serve less of a point than Lion King 1 and 1/2 did.

Without Jackson there to ensure quality, I expect nothing good to come of a new Hobbit film.

So, in short? GNAR!

What’s going on?

My new motto is a ripoff from an icon I’ve seen around.

“I can’t brain today, I have the dumb.”

That said, my update is: School is over for 2006. I did horrible on my logic exam (I studiously organized my notes at work for faster reference, and in the process of spreading everything out, left the two MOST important and vital references at work) but it doesn’t really matter. If your exam grade is lower than your course grade going into it, it’s discarded.

Final Fantasy XII continues to be nifty. Despite my level-whoring, I stumbled upon an optional boss by mistake and was sent running for the hills, HP critical, the prince I was escorting the first to buy it. Whee!

Going to go to Chipotle now with Jamie and devour a burrito.