Ugh, it’s infuriating! I take some time off, and my ambition/drive to do virtually *anything* goes out the window.

Do I need to keep a cattleprod around to use on myself?!

Bah. Anyways, hi to 2 Gryphon who friended me back here on LJ. I can only guess why… Shiny guns? Occasional bouts of creative profanity? At any rate, glad to have you aboard 2.

In other news, I gave Jamie a bar of caffeinated soap for Christmas (among other things) and with the help of Soltris, we’re documenting the effect it has on the otter. We’re hoping he’ll become:

And Really Funny to Watch. :K)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my friends!

If you celebrate another holiday, or none at all, accept my words as the wishes for warmth, comfort, and fun they are intended to be. :K)

For your amusement, a couple of funny ‘poems’ I scribbled out last week, intending to put them in my family’s stockings. (Most of them were awful; I submit the two that at least earned a few chuckles.)

He’s up on a ladder,
He’s driving to the mall,
He’s rolling out cookies!
He’s always on call.

He strung up the lights,
He decorated the tree.
He braved the Black Sunday crowds,
Always for free.

Let’s hear it for Dad,
The director/producer and narrator of the season,
Coffee-fueled engine of generosity,
Even when not given much reason.

Thank you for your time Dad,
Your aid,
Your love.
May I be as good a father, once I get laid.


I’m sorry it doesn’t fit.
I’m sorry it’s decaf.
I’m sorry it’s late.
I’m sorry I ate it.

I don’t hate you,
I didn’t lose your list.
I’m not an idiot,
Just a lame brain.

I don’t re-gift,
I don’t shop with malice.
I could have gone with a gift card,
Admitting I have no time for you.

Your gift may have come in a box,
A bag,
A can,
A chest of ice…

But it was packed with more than foam,
It was packaged with anticipation.
Wrapped with more than a bow,
I topped it with a giddy grin.

Your smile upon opening it is my reward.
That’s all I wanted to see.
Obligation doesn’t drive me,
I just wanted a thank you that wasn’t a ‘socks thank-you.’

Give me that smile, recognize my play for your joy,
…And then I’ll hand over the receipt.

May today be nothing but warm fuzzies for you all, whatever the weather may be like.


This no-LJ-at-work thing is really making it impossible to keep up with everyone. x,x I didn’t realize until now just how many hours it takes to do more than the briefest skim through entries.

I’m sorry for my silence, everyone. I’m sure I’ve missed some important posts, along with the dozens of pointless and merely amusing ones, and I’m sorry about that.

News on my front? My Christmas shopping is 80% done. Christmas cards are late, I’m sorry, but they’re going out today. For the four outside the US expecting cards, I’m afraid they’ll be more New Year cards than Christmas ones. x,x

Saw ‘Flushed Away’ at the cheap theater this past week. The slugs were totally awesome. Not only did they scream like little girls, they sang in a variety of famous lounge singers’ voices.

Helped Jamie bake Mystee a cake yesterday. She seemed to really like it, so yay for not FUBARing it. :K)

That darn 12 days of Christmas meme

This turned out too bizarre and horrible-sounding not to post.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Animakitty sent to me…

Twelve swords drumming
Eleven ponies piping
Ten dolphins a-modding
Nine blobs costuming
Eight unicorns a-kitbashing
Seven comics a-writing
Six katanas a-cuddling
Five anthro-o-o-opomorphic animals
Four warren ellis
Three filthy assistants
Two plump furs
…and a techno in a photography.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Oh yeah.

Every time I start to doubt the cool-factor involved in replicating movie props, I see something like this…and my doubts are utterly erased.

Free Image Hosting at

Gawd, you should see this guy’s driveway. He has two Deloreans… He’s converting one to the BTTF 1 car, and the other to the BTTF 2 style car complete with Mr. Fusion.

Sorry Ferrari, BMW, Audi, etc…no car will ever draw as many stares and cause as many accidents on the road as a freshly detailed time machine.

Bad News, offset by a hat!

Okay, the bad news: Work just blocked Livejournal. I won’t be updating nearly as often as a result…and will take even *longer* to catch up on everyone’s entries. Sorry, all. x,x

On the flip side, ceestar42 made me a hat for Christmas! It’s beautiful, thank you kitten! And it came filled with Hershey kisses. :K9

My family and I trudged through the mud yesterday to get a Christmas tree, and came home moderately successful. Dad seems to have come down with the flu though. 9,9 Mom just had a biopsy done of a spot in the corner of her mouth, and it came back negative, thank God.

I’m working on Nerf guns again. I’m doing the base coats on the front section of my Longshot, and painting four Mavericks at once. Whee!

Birthdays! Oops.

Looks like I missed some, due to sleeping off a headache today. Or, technically, yesterday now.

Happy birthday graveyardgreg! I need your mailing address, before Christmas.

Happy birthday arkynfox! Update your journal more often, dang it.

Happy birthday darkwolph! The only one I’m on time for. :KD Enjoy your day, wolphy.