Fab at home. 3D printer for 2500 bucks, build it yourself.

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Slashdot linked to http://www.fabathome.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page recently, claiming Cornell staff and students had developed a ‘fabber’ or 3D printer that could be assembled from nearly all off-the-shelf parts for around 2500 dollars.

3D printers create an actual physical three dimensional object on demand, from a digital template like a CAD file. Their quality varies from rather rough realizations of the digital object to perfect, intricate pieces suitable for mold-making. They’re extremely expensive, the cheapest commercial model around 25k.

This new, simple fabber is within the reach of the general public and can use several materials. It’s basically a mechanical syringe mounted above a platform. The syringe can move in two axes, and I believe the platform handles the third. By depositing the building material in thin layers, the fabber creates an object from the ground up. If your object calls for more than one material, the fabber software will prompt you to replace the syringe when needed.

The website hosts some videos of the machine in operation, creating a watchband and a silicone rubber squeeze-bulb. While the finished products look a bit rough still, this is nevertheless a great leap. Putting manufacturing capabilities like this at the fingertips of Joe-schmoe enables inventors and visionaries everywhere to make their ideas reality.

Future developments may include the ability to lay circuits with the fabber, or to use low temperature metal alloys with the aid of a heated syringe. Look into it


Not much to say, really. School has started up again. This quarter, it’s Intro to linguistics (a notoriously difficult class), Literary Analysis (had to drop this course last quarter; this time around it’s a different professor), and a poetry workshop.

I’m rather annoyed with my schedule as far as times go. 11-3 on MWF, and 2-4 on T-Tr. It pretty much forces me into a very odd schedule with lots of late nights at work. BLAH!

I hope you’re all doing well in this new year?


Classes start up again tomorrow. Mrph. I hope everyone got their Christmas cards by now, and enjoyed ’em.

I picked up Harold and Kumar go to White Castle for ten bucks at Target, when I was there spending giftcards. I loved it. The horrible raccoon/puppet was just total floor-rolling material. “Raccoooooooooon!” “Chitter-chit…? Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

I’m very, horribly behind on LJ but I’ll attempt to catch up this week and see what you all have been up to.