Poem aftermath

Well, I didn’t get to read my poem in class the day I’d expected…and instead had to read it today…while a visiting published poet was sitting in on our class.  Gods.  I was already a bit embarrassed to share this one without a minor poetry-world-celebrity there to hear it!

I got through it okay, and was flabbergasted when most of the class admitted they had no idea what it was about.  Only the very last classmate to speak ventured that it might be sexual in nature, and the professor laughed, saying that was a nice Freudian interpretation.

I felt like throwing a shoe at him.  You don’t need Freud to figure this poem out!  It’s…not a a subtle thing!  I…UGH!   I was frustrated.  Their other comments underlined some of the weaker rhymes, and the visiting poet couldn’t figure out what ‘cut the cable’ meant.  I was referring to her turning off the television, in that line.  (Anyways, anyone who missed the poem and wants to see it, log in and look back one entry.)

Amusing find on Flickr: Wil Wheaton’s Flickr account (maybe?).  http://www.flickr.com/photos/wilwheaton/103902683/   I love this photo, but the commentary is even better.  Wil has a great sense of humor. 

I seem to have hurt my back a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been moving like an old man ever since, between doses of pain meds.  I thought the pain was easing, but…it looks like that isn’t the case.  I’ll make an appointment with my doc.  Mom’s worried it’s my kidneys from what I’ve said about the nature and location of the pain, while I’m still holding out hope for a simple muscle strain.  At any rate, it’s REALLY annoying, and makes me look (and feel) more pathetic than usual.  Especially in the mornings.  I feel like father time rolling out of bed and straightening as much as I can, face twisted into a hard wince.  >,<

Snow Report!

Report in! Did you get snowed on? How much?

How badly did your area handle it? Rant away!

We got about five inches. Hours after it had stopped snowing, the roads were still crap, plowed mostly by passing vehicles rather than plows. And people who tailgate you when you see only occasional patches of black on the road? They can all die. DIE FOR GOOD! IN DYING-VILLE!


Had a literary criticism midterm today. Hardly studied at all, mostly due to coming in at 2 in the morning from my family’s trip to Michigan.

We saw our sister off at the airport, as she and her family returned to Tanzania for a second two-year stay doing mission work. They’re evangelizing Maasai warriors, among other people. o,O

I’m tired, folks. This weekend wasn’t very relaxing, and lack-of-relaxing-weekend is bound to make me highly…bleah, this week.


Again, sorry all for the lack of presence here, both looking and posting.

Funny moments from class:

Poetry-reading workshop – Girl reads a pretty good, vivid poem with lots of apocalyptic and zombie-suggestive imagery. A guy speaks up after she’s finished, and begs to know what it was about. “Zombies.” “YES! I KNEW IT!” Meanwhile, the professor looks on, a bit dismayed-looking. “But…I don’t want it to be about zombies!” Best professor feedback EVAR.

Linguistics: Professor tells us about ‘sniglets,’ words that obey the rules of the English language (both gramatically, phonetically, and morpheme-ally) but which aren’t real words. The best example was ‘charp,’ defined by the textbook as ‘The one green mutant potato chip in every bag.’ I’m putting that into use at every opportunity from now on.

The everyday work-and-school schedule is starting to wear on me, but not too badly yet. After a good hard look at my major requirements, I think I’m down to six courses left after this quarter. If they’re offered at the right times and there aren’t any pre-req tangles, I might have my BA by the end of the summer.