The mutt

The mutt
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Another Flickr favorite…and a random thought I had during class yesterday.

Sitting there in class taking notes, it occured to me that what we were doing was kind of inefficient. Each student individually records what the professor is passing on to us, and while their perceptions of what is or isn’t valuable information may be slightly different, there probably isn’t much variation between attentive students’ notes.

I thought, ‘Why not use laptops to build a collaborative “page” of notes, a bit like a live wikipedia orgy.’ While not everyone has a laptop or would care to be involved, if a few of us tried it for fun it might turn out to be useful. One student gets something that another misses, another has something useful to add and another has an example they wrote down for their own benefit that no one else has. Suddenly all that is together, forming the best possible notes. Vandalism is of course possible, but if kept small enough in scope it shouldn’t really be an issue.

If it’s later adopted on a larger scale there’d have to be some sort of consensus-voting mechanism. I imagine a word processor page with new entries pictured as nibbling at the edges of the document, and when enough people approve an addition/change, it’s allowed entry to the page of notes.

Now, this could also be a boon for lazy students who would simply save the notes and never contribute. If necessary, contributors could be scored, and if their score drops below a reasonable level (say, two approved note-additions in one week) they’re barred from the notes.

I know nothing about programming, but I imagine this’d be possible to do. There’s wireless ‘net access throughout most of the campus, so how the computers connect isn’t a problem. How simply it starts and how complex it could become I couldn’t say…but I find the concept intriguing.

River otter at the Boonshoft Museum

Jamie, Soltris and I went to the Boonshoft museum this past Saturday to see the pair of otters they house there. Shiloh and Sushi are both North American river otters. I have no idea which one this is, :K)

I couldn’t find the camera I prefer for photos, so I took this one with my tiny video camera. I took a lot of video too, but very little of it turned out well. Jamie’s were much better, so watch his journal for updates.

The museum also has a bobcat, a fox, a coyote, a skunk, a crazy-eyed possum, a bunch of snakes and turtles, even a Canada goose. …Stupid goose.

Honey Pot

Honey Pot
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Last Flickr post today, I promise. I just can’t get over the sensuality of thick liquids like this honey. Blown glass can be similar, but how often do you see it shaped to echo fluids?

I love the rich color, and depth of this shot too. It made me curious about lava… How dense do you suppose lava is? What would it feel like to touch it, play around in it, if we could somehow withstand the heat? It *is* molten rock after all, so I get the feeling it would be like lead molasses.

Baby Leopard

Baby Leopard
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I thought at first for *sure* that this was a plushie, but no… o,o OMG SQUEE!

Anyways, I’ll be bugging you all with some Flickr blog posts until I have something of my own to share again.

DSL was out until just recently, so sorry for those I’ve missed and who missed me.

I hope you’re all doing well?

Size Isn’t Everything, But…

Mmm… I admire the propper who made this getup. Even the monocle is awesome, lacking the obvious bits of identifiable hardware which tend to sour futuristic props. I disagree with the choice of hose used to connect the gun to the backpack, but other than that…. Mmmmmmmm.

I cut some wood for a ghost trap over the weekend. I spent most of the time yelling at the band saw though.

The trap is going to be a pain. It has an inner cartridge and an outer shell, plus a lower platform with wheels. Then there’s the pedal. I need to consult Dad about servos so I can get the trap to open.


Old news to some of you probably, but check out

It’s a computer algorithm that creates random art. Some of it is surprisingly good…
You can also feed the algorithm a word or a phrase, and it will create art based on it. I’ve been feeding it pairs of words from my poetry, and experimenting in general. Sometimes something cool comes out. Sometimes it’s even eerily suggestive of the words I put in, like ‘black out’ was quite dark…and ‘molecular rainbow’ had many identical shapes linked together. Other times, I just got a blank gray square. :KD Poke it for awhile, and post your favorite resulting image.