Wow, uh, I suck. o,o

I just realized it’s nearly May, and I never reserved a room for AC. …Buh.

Anyone have room for a cat? I don’t smoke, drink, or throw things off balconies. I’ll pay my share of the room of course. Even floorspace would work for me.


Website’s updated. It’s all pretty now. A new Nerf section is up, and a poetry one as well.

The Art section is untouched thus far, but I’ll get to it.

‘Nother Flickr Favorite

My little kitty (II)
Originally uploaded by MatteoSp.

(Another reason I’ve been making so many of these is that it lets me LJ from work)

I had a fascinating dream last night. My family was sitting at the base of a small stone cliff with a mini-waterfall emerging from its base. A butterfly landed on my nose, and I told the folks to get a picture. It clung to me awhile longer, effectively blinding me, before flitting off to land in the grass. There, I saw that it wasn’t a butterfly at all, but a bunny! Its ears were hugely elongated, transforming into butterfly wings that easily masked the body they were attached to. It was SO. CUTE. (Name suggestions: Bixie, bunxie)

Then a bunch of sea slugs came gushing out of the waterfall’s origin-slot in the cliff. They looked like blown glass, in orange, green, yellow, black and clear. A few bumped into us as they were swept down with the stream.

Abruptly we were walking through a science museum or something. Some guy that looked a lot like the mutant from The Goonies stood by a doorway my Mom was going through, made a suggestive sound and drew an arm over her chest. I stepped up, yelled at him, and hit him in the head with a metal thermos. Clonk. Clonk. He looked confused, then backed away. O,o

Yo-Yo life

Mom went back to the hospital tonight, but Dad brought her home again five hours later. She went in for severe pain, but it’s been coming and going apparently. I’m so tired of this. I’m tired of the hospital saying ‘go home’ only to have us back in two or three days as yet another complication pops up. Is it their fault? Is it chance? *sighs*

Good news on the school front, perhaps. The chair of the English department agreed to let me substitute a lower class for a higher one, and now it looks like I may graduate after this summer. That would rule. The sooner I escape school, the better. I can’t be sure things will work out, because some of the classes I want to take have TBA listings for their time slot. Blargh. Yo-yo here too.

Any of you making it to Morphicon this May? If you live within eight hour’s drive of Columbus Ohio, I strongly suggest you try it. It’s a nice small furry con with lots of free food, and the hotel only has two floors so no elevator worries.

My apologies to all of you I’ve been emo at recently. M’just a little stressed lately.

Random Story Idea Thoughts

Occasionally something in class will spark an idea that would work for a story premise. Here are a few I’ve scribbled down in the margins of my class notes, lately.

Can one willingly, knowingly drive oneself mad? (Expanding on this, I was wondering if someone could read things, view things, and do things to drive themselves insane. Is it possible? Or is it like tickling–you can’t do it to yourself? Or does insanity require an existing defect in the brain to manifest? Just assuming that it’s possible, how would one go about driving oneself insane? Well, reading stories like ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ might be a good start. Ugh.)

Being a writer can be bad for you. (Again inspired by ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’ The author and the narrator of the story are both writers, and both had been given the ‘rest cure’ in response to symptoms of hysteria. Being a writer, it’s easier to let one’s imagination roam and come up with all sorts of crazy theories about what’s going on…scenarios that play out in your mind. If you’re already rather disturbed, and endlessly fantasize about your circumstances… Crud. Lost my prior train of thought. I know I was getting an Edgar Allen Poe type vibe from it.)

An alien race reverses our gender roles. (The male jealously guards his seed for some reason (perhaps to assure quality offspring, or some cultural reason, or even a physical health reason) and the females must forcibly ‘rob’ the males of it. For this purpose they possess something like a hypodermic needle in their tails, which can strike with frightening speed and accuracy. The females hunt down the best, fittest males and attempt to obtain their seed. I imagine there are willing couples too, but the females wear the pants.)

MUFFLER! (…I don’t know why I wrote this. I drew a picture of a muffler too. …Baka.)

Panther tattoo

How great is this??
Originally uploaded by scene69.

From Flickr, one of the coolest examples of ink-art I’ve seen. Of course I’m partial to the panther, but the colors are gorgeous too.

Interesting tidbit: Remember the computer interface in the first Jurassic Park movie that the blond teenager had to use to reenable the doorlocks after power had been restored to the visitor’s center?
Well, if you want to play with it, it turns out that it’s an existing file management program and you can grab it here.

I personally prefer this one,
as far as visualizing your hard drive’s contents goes. I managed to clean up 9 GBs of trash thanks to this lil freeware gizmo.