Birthday, School, Whee.

Birthday celebration went well, for the most part. My folks took me out to lunch on Saturday, then appeased me with an Oreo ice cream pie and gifts at home. Yay deluxe Advent Children DVD.

On Sunday, Mystee and Bastian took me to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and later that night all us locals convened at their place to mess with Mystee’s Wii and eat quesadillas. I’d planned to have a watergun fight, but a cloudburst kind of made that seem futile. ;K)

This is my last week of real classes, with final exam stuff going on next week. Then…summer school starts. Yay. x,x

I haven’t been keeping up with LJ at all, and I’m sorry about that. I hope to catch up soon.

Far out.

While hunting around online I stumbled across a mp3 of Mitch Hedberg doing standup. First I’d ever heard of him.


“Tennis, discourages me. No matter how good I get at tennis, I’ll never be as good as a wall. I played against one once; those guys are relentless!”

“In England, Smokey is not the fire-prevention representative, they have Smackey, the frog. I think that’s a better system, I think we should adopt it! ‘Cuz bears can be mean! But frogs are always cool. Never was a frog hoppin’ towards me, and I thought, ‘Man, I better play dead! Here comes that frog.’ I’ve never said ‘here comes that frog’ in a nervous manner. It’s always, like, optimistic. Here comes that frog! Alright! Maybe he will settle near me, and I can pet him, and put him in a mayonnaise jar. With a stick, and a leaf.”


Morphicon Report

For some reason I wasn’t able to relax as much this con, and I have no idea why. It was fun hanging out with Wolfgang, Odendo, Mystee, Bastian, and a few new faces.

I was supposedly in charge of the Atomic Battle of Doom (Nerf and foam boffers) this year, but Ostrich took charge while I was outside in the hall, guarding/distributing the arsenal I’d brought along, waiting for the closing ceremonies crowd to clear out of our scheduled room. That was certainly disappointing, as I had some ideas I would’ve liked to have tried. Next year, if I’m asked to head it up again, I’ll have to contact him beforehand. I’ll deputize him to avoid being ‘usurped’ again. *eyeroll*

It was quite dark in the ballroom for much of the battle, but I did get some photos during the war as well as during some practice bouts between the melee weapon users.

I apologize to Z-Trooper, Digit and his group, Rags, and Chris B. Critter for not seeing them more than once during the run of the con. O,o It didn’t help that not only was my hair a foot shorter, I’d forgotten to bring any of my conbadges with me…making me rather anonymous-looking. I hope to catch up with you all at the next con we intersect at.

Thank you everyone who came to the battle, and especially those who helped me out with the clean up and packing afterwards.


I just discovered this, while poking at Google.

Slap some tracking code on a website you want to track, and Google will keep track of all sorts of stuff for you. After getting three days of info, I can see what pages on my website get visited, from where on the ‘net, from where in the world, how often, etc. It’s nifty! I may actually be able to improve my site using info like this.

I’ve gotten visitors from most of the world, but none from Africa yet. *watches the continent expectantly*

Yay skool.

Yay school. Today I received back a test in my Civil War Era Literature class, taught by a professor I respect for being a tough but fair grader and a great professor all around. I got a 100% on it, first time in any of his classes. That puppy is going on the fridge!

In the next class, contemporary authors, I got back a short paper from a professor I despise for wasting all of our time with trivial information and gruelingly slow ask-entire-class-what-they-think sessions. I got a C-.

How easily a good day palls.

Getting a good grade from a smart, tough professor and getting a bad grade from a frivolous twit of a professor… Seems like one should outweigh the other, but not so much. Oh well. This cheers me up.

Get Your Cake On
Oh lawd, is that some Strawberry Shortcake?!

Yes. And that’s ‘Get Your Freak On’ playing. I LOL’d, and I bet most of you will too. Funniest music video I’ve seen in ages.

Spring Cleaning

Some of you heard me bemoan the fact that I’m having trouble cleaning my room… You see, I failed to really think about the sheer mass of the objects I’ve been bringing home from Goodwill, the thrift store near work. Sure, each trip might be only a grocery bag…or two…but do that for a year, and you end up crowding yourself out. O,o

This is my bedroom–*after* 8 hours of cleaning, organizing, packing, and throwing away junk.
spring cleaning 1

I anticipate being done by July, and that’s a road construction estimate. There are a few more shots in my Flickr gallery if you’d like to see more of the den. There are some interesting things on my shelves, to be sure. Where else are you going to see a chain of machine gun shells draped over a cabinet door beside an ammo-chain and a bandoleer of Nerf darts? Or a wolf plushie stuffed into a helicopter helmet? I’ve unintentionally made my room a junk-collage.