Unicorn! And Anthrocon.

Found this fellow at Goodwill t’day, miraculously undamaged by all the rabid old women who paw through the bins at the place. My old panther statue will be wary for awhile, but I’m sure they’ll get along in time. :K)

Unicorn Statue


Anthrocon roll-call. Who’s going? Who wants to meet up at some point?

Unfortunately I won’t be at the main hotel this year, but I doubt that’ll prove to be much of a problem. In fact, I’m sure I’ll end up saving time by not-waiting-for-elevators!

If you want my cellphone number, let me know via comment, email or IM.

Nerf work

In a fit of energy last night, I repaired my original modded Longshot by reinforcing a small spring with a second spring from a retractable pen. This fixed the ‘won’t-stay-cocked’ problem, once and for all I hope.

I then cracked open a stock Longshot, dremeled out its air restrictor, and added a Big Bad Bow spring to its stock spring. I was forced to trim off an inch or so from both springs though to keep the case from buckling and breaking from the strain of containing those springs. This is precisely what I did with the first one. While I had it open I also reinforced the ‘stay-cocked’ spring, preventing that problem from ever cropping up.

Longshot spring + Big Bad Bow spring = Lethality

I think I might have a problem with rage. I spent two hours trying to get the reinforced stay-cocked springs to cooperate (the piece in question kept getting launched out of the gun at my face, or under the bed. Or the spring would ‘escape’ and ruin its usefulness by sprawling along the inside of the gun’s shell). I cussed at a tiny spring for hours. I may be crackers.

At any rate, I now have two nice powerful Longshots. I’ll do some range testing later t’day with a tape measure.

Barn Owl and Trainspotting

Barn Owl (Chouette effraie)
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Yay Barn Owls!


I finally watched Trainspotting last night. The dead baby almost made me throw up. I wanted to kill everyone in that movie by the end…except Spud. Spud never hurt anyone.


Yiffstar scares me. I created an intro thread on their forum, and a lot of the folks who responded did so ICly. Okay, fine. I didn’t mind until a winged mewtwo posed entering with a flock of cub Pokemon (which she named off) and let drop that she was massively pregnant due to having two uteruses.


Artificial memories imprinted on cultured neurons.

The Strangers
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First step towards artificial memories?

More optimistic than Dark City’s view though, it could also be the first step towards implanted knowledge like Neuromancer’s ‘microsoft:’ shards that contained huge databanks of information you could install in your mind and remove as easily as we slot USB drives today.

The ability to force patterns on neurons also may lead to copies of existing memories from a human brain. Backups at last!

Lastly, research into this area may teach us what helps neurons hang onto patterns, or in other words, how and why we remember or forget things.


The gathering at my place went well. Bastian lobbed water balloons at Mystee, Kamilya and me as we did our best to drown each other with enormous squirt guns.

I also showed off the Oozinator, which was met with exactly the kind of incredulous disgust it deserves. (What’s interesting though is that though the canister of ‘bio-ooze’ that ships with the Oozinator itself is semen-white, the additional canisters you purchase separately are clear, a bit less obscene.

Soltris joined us as things were winding down, but Kamilya was happy to hit him with a one-second burst from this, which made up for nearly all the soaking he missed earlier. :KD

I grilled hotdogs (first time I’ve grilled anything, and aside from one Anakin-dog, it worked out okay) and we enjoyed a nice meal out in the sun.

Mystee and Bastian had brought along the card games Guillotine and Fluxx, so we played those until it was time for all to depart.


On an unrelated note, a pickup truck hit a cow about forty feet from our house today. A good Samaritan had stopped to flag people down and prevent the wandering cow from getting hit. The pickup ignored the man, hit the cow, and the flying cow hit the good Samaritan, breaking his arm.

Watergun fiiiiiiiiiight!

For anyone interested, I’ll be hosting a supersoaker battle at my place this Saturday. You’re welcome to show up any time after 3 p.m. and the battle itself should start around 5:00 or so. I have a few ‘soakers, but you’re welcome to bring your own a’course.

For bread to go with the circus, I’m thinking grilled hotdogs. :K9 Hey, it’s summer after all. :KD

If anyone feels like sticking around after, we can pop a movie in or just laze about. There’s a couch or two free for those too wiped out to drive back home that night.

If you need directions, shoot me an email at Yaounde3 at hotmail.com (Please don’t mention viagra or insurance in your subject line) and I’ll guide you in. For reference, I’m roughly 15 minutes from the city of Dayton.

Stargate Anubis helmet prop

Originally uploaded by animakitty

A fellow on Proptopia is trying to sell this Anubis helm replica, and I thought I’d plug him here, since this piece is truly astounding.

Quoted from his thread: “It’s a high quality resin casting that is wearable. The eyes light up blue like in the film Stargate. The head and ears are removable for easier transportation.

I’m asking $3,500.00 or best offer plus actual shipping (This is HUGE). The stand is not included unless you want to pay the shipping for it (it’s heavy, bulky and would probably be freight shipped) or pick it up.”

It is certainly pricey, but the detail is incredible. If you want more pictures or his contact info, lemme know.


Final exams are over. YAY!

Summer classes start June 11th. ….AUUUGGHHHHHH!

Also, I am addicted to Bleach. The anime, not the cleaning product.