Another one.

My List of Movies I’ve Cried Over: Today I had to add The Joy Luck Club to that list.

If any of you watched it and didn’t shed a tear, comment and tell me I’m a sissy. :K)

Pay Attention.

We’re dust. You get that, don’t you? We’re absolutely nothing. A flicker of biochemistry and we’re gone.

We’re the universe. I hope you’ve realized that. Your words alter the course of my life, just as mine nudge you upon your own path. Our lives pack kilowatts of joy, sensation and sorrow into a seventy year blip. The richness of our experience is largely lost, only bits of it preserved in photos, journals, movies and memories in the heads of those you leave behind.

What does it matter what we really are? Knowing our place in the ultimate scheme of things won’t make peanut butter taste any different. It won’t make riding a horse any less exhilarating. You won’t lose more weight, quit smoking, or have better luck dating. Our life is pressing in against our eyelids second by second. It’s HERE. It’s NOW. We won’t be getting a second run.

Yeah, they’re just words. Words from a hypocritical geek who really shouldn’t be up this late. Truth is rinsing through me, but it isn’t really truth, is it? It’s just a feeling. A conviction. It’s a need to smack myself and everyone I know with the immediacy and the fleeting nature of life. I want more of all of you in my life, and less worthlessness. I want to make memories, not experience the lives and dreams of others through desensitizing gloves. How much of our lives is really us perched on the rim of someone else’s life?

Wolfpark Trip

Tigerwolf, Razor, Erris (spelling?) and I visited Wolf Park yesterday. It was a nice outing, though we didn’t get the chance to hang out with the foxes in their enclosure this time around. I took a few photos, but again mostly video.


I have one nice clip in particular of the pack exhibiting dominance behavior. Lots of growling, pinning, mouthing and whining. :KD

Job Hunt

Well, for the first time in six years or so, I’m job-hunting. Time to make a new resume, check all the websites, look in the papers…


I’m decidedly unoptimistic. I’m an English major with no clippings/portfolio to show prospective employers, and while I could do something with computers (either software or hardware) I have no certifications to prove I know anything. The job I’ve held for the past few years proves nothing other than the fact that I can operate a digital scanner.

M’starting to see how people end up living in a van down by the river.