Summer quarter at school is over. Fall quarter starts the fourth of September.

Can you believe it’s almost September already? Summer just…sprinted past.

Tomorrow I’m hooking up with the Dayton furs to go see License to Wed at the cheap theater. Whee! It’s good to get out and be sociable.

Just started playing Kingdom Hearts II tonight. Logged about four hours, enough to get past the preliminary crap. (And yeah, it was crap. Quite frustrating. Good lead-in to the game if you’d never played KH before though.)

I still like animal crackers.

Pic Unrelated.


Jack Black on LSD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=647NxThCfy8 Is it a clip from the Pick of Destiny? Dunno. It was awesome, regardless.

http://kei.iichan.net/b/src/1187011438342.png – DuckHunt equalizer

http://kei.iichan.net/b/src/1187288259829.png – Geeky threat

http://iiichan.net/boards/cats/src/1184539358499.gif – Antigravity. For realz.

Looking For Group, the webcomic

I finally got a look at http://lfgcomic.com/ last night, and was terribly impressed. I’ve never laughed so consistently while plowing through an archive.

For those who (delightfully) have yet to find it, it’s a World of Warcraft comic, but requires no knowledge of the game to enjoy.

My favorite character by far, and I’m sure I’m typical in this, has to be Richard the undead warlock. Yeah, Richard. He’s like Black Mage from 8-bit Theater but…worse. And better drawn, :KD

Memorable quotes: (in a sportscaster voice) “And the crowd is dead!”

Battle-cry: “For PONY!”

“Maybe he’ll make more sense once he’s been digested.” *turns to tauren* “Eat him.”

Idle musings

How many gears do you have?
Where is your thinking done?
Your dreaming?
Your dreading?

On a scale from “My fingernails are dirty” to “I wonder if our universe is the only one?” where does your brain idle?
Mine slides further up the scale the longer I sit in waiting rooms.
It slides steadily down the scale while I sit in on class lectures.
At home it’s stuck, rusted in place at Mental Playtime.

Really it’s more a question of scale than ‘gears,’ but shifting gears is a more entertaining metaphor than zooming in or out on reality. GoogleUniverse – Zoom in all the way down to a guy in Rhode Island who Can’t-Enjoy-His-Golden-Grahams because they got soggy.