Continuing my WoW kick, I posted a few screenshots I took of OH SHIII— moments during play.  Giant women, sky-scraper-sized robots, extremely callous guards…go look and be amazed that I, WoW journalist, survived to share these with you!


On an entirely different note,

Playing the Wii with your butt is fun.

Put your Wiimote in the back pocket of your pants, and fire up tennis on Wiisports.  Enjoy!

Now, as fun as that was, can you imagine trying to get through some of the minigames on Warioware with your butt?  Like the log-sawing?  Or the shape-tracing?  

If this isn’t on Youtube already, I’ll be shocked.

(Note:  I do not have a Wii of my own, I merely exploit local friends who sprung for them.  I have no code to give you.  :KD  )

WoW. Yeah.

For WoW enthusiasts.  Apologies to all others.  :K)

I’m getting there!  My Paladin on Shadowsong is now level 57 as of last night.  I just ventured to Honor Hold and upgraded my mining skill, but I couldn’t afford the blacksmithing upgrade because I’d just spent 15 gold in a *quest* to craft the key to Scholomance in the plaguelands.  (I also had to brave lava and defeat a level 61 elite boss to make that damn key!)  I’m mining thorium whenever I can, mostly in Un’Goro Crater so I can get my blacksmithing high enough to make the higher level Imperial Plate Armor pieces, both for my use and for skilling up.  It’s excruciating!  Two hours of mining and I skill up one point?!  UGH!

I have two alts now on the server:  A Dranei Warrior and a Night Elf rogue.  They’re both under level 20, but progressing smoothly enough thanks to donations from my main of armor and money.  The rogue is an herbalist/alchemist, and the warrior is my cash cow, with mining and skinning.  Skinning feels like a total CHEAT after mining.  x,x

I naively ventured down the Path To Glory last night, exploring.  I got pretty far, and suddenly found myself absolutely surrounded by elite demons.  Six of them surrounded me, all chopped at once, and killed me instantly.  It was kinda hilarious…in a tragic way.  O,o

I like my guild-members,  The Knights Penumbra, but I’m not often on when they are, so I haven’t been able to do any group quests to speak of other than killing Araj last night…which I did with a level 57 rogue and a level 70 rogue (after our first attempt with that rogue’s alt, a 53 warrior, failed).

So tell me about your own misadventures.  Now I can understand some of it, :KD

A+ Certification

Alright IT folks, what can you tell me about the A+ Certification?  I want to know what books you recommend for studying for one, what surprised *you* when you took it, anything that might help.

I think I’m going to need this to score a job once I finish school and lose my student position.


I wish I was asleep right now.  Maybe I am.  Maybe I’m a grasshopper.  Maybe YOU’RE a grasshopper. 

Rub your legs together.  Now.  NOW!


Stupid university bookstore. I’d like my textbooks please!

Other than their stupidity, nuffin much going on. I’m taking technical writing, and a lit class covering Whitman and Dickinson. Whee!

I tried Canadian ‘fries and gravy’ Lay potato chips yesterday. I thought they tasted exactly like regular Lays chips. The Tandoori Sizzler Doritos tasted like Taco Bell meat seasoning.

To-do list

Things I wish to do before I die, subject to constant revision:

Break an unbreakable comb.

Kill someone in self-defense…with a Nerf weapon.

Swim with free dolphins.

Fall in love.

Be fallen over love with. (Understand you do not, hee hee hee!)

Blow up a crumbling barn with a RPG or stinger missile.

Own a horsie.

Own all the Captain Atom comicbooks.

Visit Scotland, Ryleh, the Marianas trench, New York, Paris, Rome, Hawaii, and Cairo.

Become a well-known-enough author that my literary idols respond to my letters personally, and invite me over for tea and biscuits.

Own a big dog that drools on visitors on command.

Own a house, which I shall make ridiculous improvements on, like adding a Batcave beneath it (or as the for-sale ad will read eventually, 256-car garage)