Antiques Roadshow 3007!

Today on the antiques roadshow, we have Susan Gillespee, with what she believes is an antique iPod music player.  Well Susan, why do you think this iPod is an antique?

Well Bob, it’s visible for one thing.  When’s the last time you saw a music player that didn’t come in a syringe?  Also, the battery operates via crude chemical reactions.

Well Susan, I believe what you have there is a 2nd generation Video iPod of the 2000’s.  950 years ago you would’ve been arrested for even owning this device, during the mp3 wars.  Today though these are extraordinarily rare collector’s items.  Aside from that, uh, sticker of a cow saying ‘wow’ on it, it’s in fine condition.  You would expect to receive upwards of 400 million American dollars or 20,000 Canadian from a collector for a piece like this.

W, wow, I had no idea it would be so much!



Next we’ll visit Tom CocoapuffscerealfromGeneralMills, who thinks he has an authentic set of South Park DVDs!

XKCD con!

So the webcomic Xkcd was in the news twice recently.  First, some students dressed up as ninjas and ‘attacked’ Richard Stallman at Yale.   Awesome.  Those kids get a nod from me!

Second, GPS coordinates, a date, and a time referenced in one xkcd comic brought people from all over to a certain park, all set to party with velociraptor merchandise, red spiders, wikipedia protester signs, etc.  I wish I could’ve been there.  They reeneacted the Dirk Gently immovable couch conundrum!  Tons of pictures here,
Local reporting here,

Also on a different note, a guy in Nigeria made a helicopter out of car parts and a bit of aircraft salvage.  He wants to sell them to the government.  But…though it seats four, his helicopter can’t rise above tree-level.  Well, I’m still shocked and respectful of the dude.;_ylt=AsIVmuqaLsBZ9aRS3syKSG0DW7oF


We’ve been having some wild weather over the past few hours.  I woke up to find the power off.  It’s a little alarming to open your eyes, and notice absolutely no difference in light.   Open–shut–open–shut…hmm.

Power came back on two hours later.  Yay.  Now to rush a technical writing assignment.

Yet Another Webcomic

Came across this yesterday,  and I’m enjoying it.

Apologies for being quiet on the LJ front, commenting and such.  I’ve been busy, stressed, and not a lil depressed over the prospect of finishing school and switching jobs.  Hopefully I’ll feel better when school is down for the count.


So, in a fit of boredom, I velcro-ed my tiny digital video camera (It’s old and cheap, I’m not rich) to my car’s dashboard to record me lip-syncing to ‘We Like to Party’ by the Vengaboys while I drove.

If anyone would like to subject themselves to watching it, pipe up.  o,o

I also got a pretty good video of the ‘Bunnies in Peril’ act from the Ohio ren-faire, and a song and a half by the ‘New Minstrel Revue,’  formerly the Minstrels of Mayhem (and perhaps still the Minstrels of Mayhem, but they were calling themselves the former at the faire this year.)

Still job hunting.  Reynolds & Reynolds wants me to come in Friday morning for an assessment test, but after a look around the internet at what other prospective employee and fired employees have had to say about the place, it’s probably not even worth my time. 

Geez Dayton, let me fix your computers for 9-13 dollars an hour!  That’s all I really want for work, o,O

Proton Pack

Ever feel like traveling back in time just to slap your past-self in the head?

I dusted off the proton pack parts and got back to work on it this week, hoping to finish it in time for Halloween.  I’m finding that somehow, nearly every single dimension on the parts I’ve made by hand thus far is wrong.  Not small mistakes either, but 1/2 an inch or more off, sometimes in every dimension!  GAH!