No job for kitty.

Dayton Daily News got in touch with me tonight and let me know they’d filled the position with someone from their existing staff.  I remain on their list of applicable folks, but there’s nothing open for me at the moment.

I’m bummed.  This job would’ve been perfect in so many ways…

I may still score something with them, but it’ll probably be months later. 

Back to the want ads.

Computer woes

I got a call back from the Dayton Daily News, but my phone was dead, so they just left a ‘call me’ message.  I called ’em, but they’re out of the office ’til this Friday.  Whee.

I’m still getting sporadic blue screens and WoW crashes a lot.  Now and then the system will just freeze with no error or BSOD at all.

The randomness of it all says to me ‘power supply problem’ but I don’t really know.  Asus’s PC Probe program reports that the 12V line from my power supply is running over 12V, getting as high as 12.38 sometimes.  I see that as a bad sign, x,x   I fiddled with my molex connectors to try and redistribute the load, but PC Probe reports no change… 

The way I see it, it’s either:
Windows reacting badly to a system change
Esoteric incompatibility between memory and motherboard
PSU problem
Very small RAM problem that wasn’t detected with one pass of that memtest program.

I backed up 16 gigs of junk last night in case I need to nuke and pave.  I found myself wondering why I couldn’t just drag an old power supply out of storage and run a few things in my case off of it…but realized it wouldn’t really help with the motherboard and its massive needs.  :K/