‘Nother Job Interview

Wright State University, the college I graduated from, interviewed me today for a scanning specialist job in their library.  It sounds like a great job (for this area) and pays as much as my job at the Air Force base, plus full benefits. 

I’m one of seven applicants they’ll be interviewing though, so I can only hope I made a good impression. 

The only question I didn’t have a ready answer for was ‘Do you know the difference between CMYK and RGB?’  I could only tell them I recalled it had something to do with colors and compression and was relevant when saving a file in Photoshop.  I’m sure that hurt my chances, but it’d been too long since my Photoshop class and it’s a detail that never came up on my last job.

My week-long temp job the week before last, opening mail-in-rebates on Kitchenaid Appliances, ended a day early when I messed up my back.  Thursday I lifted some heavy trash incorrectly, and Friday morning I woke up unable to move without severe pain.  So whether that position was a test from the hiring agency or not, it looks bad.  Probably ruined my chances with them.


As I was polishing off the sad heel of a homemade coffeecake tonight, I realized that on top of the eating modes we’re familiar with (nervous eating, social eating, etc.)  there are a few more that I never hear mentioned.

Martyr-eating:  Whatever you’re eating, it is a sacrifice.  You’re willing to take one for the team and remove from existence an offending piece of food.  It may be less than delicious, or just inconvenient, but you’re taking care of business.

Panic-eating:  You’ve skipped a meal.  Or two.  Or three.  Your body is demanding you stuff it beyond capacity or it’s going to fire the explosive bolts and detach your penis. 

Can you think of some more?

In the news today, Nerf Lancer and Feds seize homemade nuclear reactor.

ForsakenAngel, a very skilled modder in the Nerf community, made a Lancer (the rifle with a built in chainsaw from Gears of War) out of a Longshot and a toy chainsaw.  Click the image for the forum post detailing the project.  Also, the video’s kinda entertaining.  http://www.stage6.com/user/Forsaken_angel24/video/2096382/


The FBI said it does not plan to file criminal charges against a Rockwall man who tried to build a small version of a nuclear reactor in his house.

I think that sucks, personally.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the kid was doing it in his parent’s house (I can’t blame them for being upset about uranium in their home)  I’d be very pissed the government interfered with what was supposedly just an experiment.  He may or may not have known what he was doing, is the sticking point…

Nerf Recon CS-6

I’ve been good, so I bought myself a toy.

More pics in my Flickr account.  It’s called the Recon CS-6, Nerf’s latest gun.  The stock, barrel, underslung red dot sight/light and flip up sights are all removable, leaving just that clip-fed pistol base.

Shameless Plug

 I’m selling some supersoakers on Ebay.  Nerf guns will come later once I take some pictures.  I need to clear out some space and making a lil cash doing it would be nice.


Russian ICQ hate?

A random ICQ user sent me this last night:
Здарова чувак!!))
 Чё бля молчишь, язык в жопу засунул?
 Обосрался юсовец сраный
 Правильно, нас бояться надо, мы всю твою сраную страну разъебём
 You are pice of shet
 Так понятно бля
 Бля , нетак написал , вот правильно You a piece of dung

Translated by Google from Russian:
<Hi guy!))
  Che blja remain silent, the language in the ass pocket?
  Obosralsya yusovets shitted
  Right, we need to be afraid, we all tvoju shitted country razebem
  You are pice of shet
  So it is understandable blja
  Blja, pngoptimizer wrote, are correctly You a piece of dung>