Nerf Vulcan cannon

You know, if I wasn’t such a Nerf nut I’d be getting worried about Nerf’s latest innovations. The Longshot was rather dangerous looking. The Nerf Recon was a further step toward real-life-mimicking weapons. Now we have this,
a belt-fed battery-powered monster of a Nerf gun. It fires sonic darts instead of the streamline darts that the Longshot and Recon adopted. I read one eyewitness’s account of the gun at the toy fair that claims its range is pretty good. Apparently American Gladiators is tied in with this thing somehow…perhaps using the gun in one of its segments?

Nerf Vulcan

Nerf Vulcan, rear

What I’m puzzled about is that it has a charging bolt like the Longshot, suggesting a spring firing mechanism. So what’re the batteries for? Just to advance the belt? 6 D cell batteries seem a bit much just for that…

Increase your vocabulary and feed people rice!

Soltris showed me this today,  

It’s a challenging vocabulary game that uses the money earned from on-site banner ads to buy rice for people in 3rd world countries.  I reached the 48th level of difficulty, but fell back down to 43 almost immediately.  It’s extremely tough!  It’s also occasionally very amusing.

lignify = make woody

stilly = quiet

Things that make me happy

I recently made a list of things that make me happy, things that my senses respond to.  I thought of posting the list, but realized it would be more interesting if I found pictures that matched the items.  I’ll post one a day so as not to flood your friends page.  (Most of the photos I’ll be using aren’t mine.  I’ve linked them back to their full-size original pages on Flickr.)

ollie's interesting adventure, by a nameless yeast

I like how raindrops bead and roll down windows.  It appeals visually, and makes me feels cozy, shielded from the cool rain.