In a one-two punch, here’s a technological marvel, http://gizmodo.com/368651/new-video-of-bigdog-quadruped-robot-is-so-stunning-its-spooky

And absolute hilarity based on it.  Pleasepleaseplease watch them in order.

Job improves

The job got far better today as I moved on to what I’d been told I’d be doing: retouching photos.  It’s far more interesting than the clerical stuff I’ve been doing up to now.

So, is spring making anyone horny yet?  Just out of curiosity.  :K)

False alarm

Okaaaaay.  Cat is not thorough.

It looks like it was an overheating problem all along.  New thermal paste and subtracting a mouse’s-worth of dust from the CPU’s fan, and my idle temp has dropped from 53C to 40C.  Still rises to 50 under a load, but that’s safely below 60, the temp at which my motherboard says OMFG and automatically reboots.

I can only conclude that memtest also puts a big load on the CPU, and that’s why I was getting errors.  Either that, or they’re separate problems, and I’ll discover that later and curse a lot.

Things that make me happy #10

A few months ago, a beautiful female tiger-striped kitten and her Calico brother were abandoned on our road. We’re a popular place to dump unwanted pets because we’re the first truly rural road you reach after leaving the nearby town. The tiger-striped kitten is friendly, affectionate, and quite lap-inclined. This is a shot of her fur I took with an eye to making desktop wallpaper of it.

Kitten fur 2