Geek-gasm #2

I might go back to wearing a watch if this one was available,

Sadly it’s not to be mass-produced, and costs around $600,000.00 anyways.  Maybe there’ll be a cheap knock-off eventually though, eh?

A few more pics here,

Artificial Life game/screensaver

In case you missed it in my last locked post:

For awhile now I’ve been looking for a game/program that would let me culture artificial life on my computer.  I find the concept of investing time and/or computing power in the development of synthetic creatures fascinating.  (I can has Spore please?)

I googled the subject, but sadly 80% of the links I found were dead.  I did find this site though,   and I’ve been enjoying the program ‘Primordial Life.’  It’s simple, but fun to watch.  I wish you could make ecosystems that would strike a balance and function continuously, but that doesn’t seem possible.  At any rate, I encourage you to give it a try.


In other news, the job is going well.  I’d like to hit some of you Photoshop wizards up for some tips sometime though.

Who wants to buy some vintage Super Soakers, by the way?  One of these perhaps?