Help me out!

After cleaning up my room and finding my proton pack parts again, my interest is rekindled in the project.

I ask you, my readers and friends, to take a look at the pictures in this Flickr set.

These are the knobs on the proton pack’s wand, and the ghost trap. If you’ve seen these anywhere before (or even know where to obtain them) PLEASE let me know.

Most of these have never been identified. Many were probably custom-machined, but it’s possible that a few are found parts. Keep in mind that a lot of the parts used for Ghostbusters props were industrial/electronic/pneumatic parts from the 1970’s and 80’s.

The rectangular knobs in this picture in particular look like they may’ve been slider knobs on a sound board.

I’ve seen knobs like these on old cameras, but nothing that’s an exact match.

Additionally, if any of you know a local place where old electronics and such are sold, I can give you a list of stuff to look out for. The prop community pays quite a bit for some hard-to-find bits.


I am such a whore for RPGs.

This is hilarious, and a great way to kill 30 minutes or so a day.  I’m a level 3 Pastamancer, and I wear pants made of junk-mail!  I have a 7-pound mosquito as a familiar!  I’ve kicked werewolves in the nards!