A new source of hilarity.

Regrettably the site sticks ads in with the videos, but watch these two and I’m sure you’ll find the site relevant to your interests. Thanks to Simbab for pointing this Neely guy out.



Ignore it

I slammed the car door, and the side-view mirror rattled. A split-second of worry/regret spiked before I quashed it with gritted teeth.

He was saying something, then yelling it, but the roaring in my ears took care of that.

The streetlights drifted by overhead, once a week it seemed like, until I reached the corner. The world fell off from there. Blond weeds and rocks too pathetic to be called gravel, littered with fast food tatters and the glint of beer cans. There was nothing here.

I sucked air, drawing it past the burning knot in my throat, nostrils stinging and stupid water falling from my face. It was so hot I hardly felt the tears ’til that awful salt kissed the corners of my mouth.

Words I could use bubbled up, all in different colors and fonts. In between seconds I silently tried them all, but there were none that didn’t sound weak, the snarl of the gutter tramp this nothing-corner wanted me to be.

A hiccuping sob and a five second keen was all I managed. I crossed the weed ruptured concrete and a fat stripe of darkness to get to a phone. I wished never to appear on the other side of that shadow. This wasn’t a night of granted wishes.

Office Nerf War Video

Pulled this from Gizmodo,


Truly epic office Nerf war. Possibly a viral video plant to advertise the Nerf Vulcan, (since no one has them yet barring American Gladiators and the families of Hasbro employees I’m sure, damn their rotten souls) but so what. It’s sweet.


So, how many of you have visited southparkstudios.com to try and stream Southpark episodes only to find the player really didn’t…work?

Well, I browsed the forums and finally found a fix that works. C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\Host

Find the line ad.doubleclick.net

And remove it. Watch the episodes. Then replace the line when you’re done so Doubleclick can’t force their ads down your throat elsewhere on the ‘net.


Unearthing old games

For a few days, perhaps a decade ago, I got to play a game on my sister’s mac called ‘The Sacred Mirror of Kofun.’ I loved it.

You played the role of a diver/explorer on Jacques Cousteau’s son’s ship, and you sail around the Japanese islands, diving and exploring islands (environments assembled using real photos of the islands and waters) identifying wrecked ships and planes, taking photos of sealife and cataloging it later aboard your ship with the aid of a Max Headroom-like AI.

Instead of sleeping last night, I mercilessly googled for this game without remembering the name of it. It took forever, but I finally recognized the title. Then it was time to find an ISO of it. …No luck. I did find a demo though! A demo whose host had gotten rid of it some time ago.

But, triumphant at last, I managed to snag the demo from a Russian website.
Good old Google Translate got me where I needed to be to actually download it. I played the demo, and it’s as neat as I remember…though the demo is terribly limited. It lets you explore an island, but doesn’t let you do any diving.

Part of the fun of the game is doing research with the AI’s help. You take photos of a site, then upload them to the computer. The AI analyzes the photos, scans for markings, text, and codes, then feeds you back keywords to search for on the game’s ‘worldnet.’ Sometimes you have to string keywords together to get the result you want. You may uncover other documents that need analyzed, or simply encyclopedic information you can add to your personal encyclopedia.

The game is educational, beautiful if not very dynamic (think Myst) and I believe it was one of the first games to make good use of Quicktime. (The version that came with the demo doesn’t recognize the modern quicktime, unsurprisingly, and forces you to install the old one to play.)

If you want to try it yourself and you’re willing to wade through some Russian and wait quite awhile for your place in line, you can grab it from http://www.ag.ru/files/demos/sacred_mirror_of_kofun/4764/agb