Big cat fails to eat small cat, film at 11.

I saved a kitten’s life today! That was worth getting out of bed for.

An orange and white kitten who lives in our garage managed to get itself stuck between the leg of a shelving unit and a wall. It was trapped there by the neck, mewling pitifully when it could get the breath to do so. The shelving unit is crooked, so the leg is further from the wall the further up you go. Gently cupping each end of the mewmew, I lifted him up to the point where he could be pushed back, free once more.

I knew the poor lil thing must’ve been trapped when the kitten didn’t flee as I approached it. He and his sibling were raised by the skittish cat on our property who won’t let you get closer than 10 feet.

Custodians of time

Have you ever thought of time as a natural resource?

We’re each rationed an amount at birth, and we waste it or use it productively as we choose. Some squander it and run out early, or are simply given a smaller share, while others crush people to extend their own supply.

I’m not talking about time as in ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’ but as a resource potentially more valuable than any fertile soil, ocean, coal or uranium deposit.

Think where we’d be if we put our shares of time to bettering ourselves and our world. We as Americans are probably the guiltiest party, having so much leisure time (traditionally) that the entertainment industry has trouble filling up all the hours.

I’m as guilty as anyone, but my justifications (Too tired, can’t spare the money, etc.) are just…silly if you think of things on a universal scale.

I don’t believe we’re the only beings in the universe (or even the galaxy) to achieve sentience, but we *are* the only ones to succeed on our planet. We’re the only ones who can push outward, improve, explore. The animals all get their share of time too, and their work is keeping the immense network of our ecosystem working. We, with our freakishly complex brains, need to be doing more with our share of time.

Oh gawd, that made me giggle.

Oprah recently took an Anonymous (as in, the B-tards) post on her message board seriously, not knowing better. This video is based on the related segment, and…geez, it just cracked me up.

NSFW for censored penises and repetitive use of the phrase “Nine thousand penises” by Oprah. The original segment is in the related videos if you want to see it.

I don’t give a damn about Anonymous, but it ended up yielding some lulz for me. I could watch that video on loop for an hour, it’s so catchy.


So, I’ve discovered that as far as my writing drive is concerned, I can write from about 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. but now I’m working during those hours.

I have however taken my laptop to work, and gotten 30 minutes of writing done per lunchbreak. Current project: Finishing slug-girl story.

I almost expect my laptop to start oozing slime at this point.