Birthdays and movie reviews

DrJones and TristanHawthorne, happy belated birthday! On-time happy birthday to Balloonpup!

Movie Reviews:

Perfect Blue – Sucked. It’s as confusing as Serial Experiments: Lain, but not nearly as interesting.

Blue Velvet – Sucked. Or rather, it’s not my kind of movie. The synopsis I read made it sound like Dark City, but it was far more mundane than that. If you have watched the TV news in the past five years, then there’s no reason to watch this movie.

Natural Born Killers – Meh. For those of you who have seen ‘Dead Leaves’ the anime, you don’t need to see NBK. For those who haven’t seen Dead Leaves, see it. It goes much further over the top and is generally more fun. People say it inspired the two Columbine-killer guys. If so? …Man they had no taste or imagination at all. However, seeing Tommy Lee Jones (with a mustache) totally fly off the handle was pretty frickin’ sweet.

From Dusk ‘Till Dawn – Awesome. The first half was totally ‘I vaguely remember this being a zombie movie or something…what gives?’ The last half was ‘OMG this is so spectacularly awesome.’

Four Rooms – A lesser-known Tarantino film about a bellhop having a…bad night dealing with the guests in four particular rooms. It’s episodic, there isn’t much interaction between the four rooms. The fellow who plays the bellhop is *fantastic* and I’d watch any movie wherein he has a significant role.

Me and You and Everyone We Know – Well, the trailers I’d seen made it look much better than what it ended up being. It’s one of those slice-of-a-weird-life movies. Like…say, Ghost World, Napolean Dynamite, or Running With Scissors.

And yes, I’m hopelessly behind on movie-watching. I know.

More Fallout 3

Well, I’ve run into one of the pitfalls of non-linear games. I’ve skipped what’s probably a huge chunk of plot, and find myself (I would think) very close to finishing the main storyline. I’m concerned that if I don’t go ahead and do so, the game will make it impossible. Fallout has set time limits on things before. A town with a problem at one point in the game may be destroyed or otherwise useless to you if you wait too many days (game-time) to act. Perhaps this isn’t true of Bethesda’s imagining.

I can’t wait to find the weapon that uses the mini-nuke I found a few days ago. >:K)

And randomly, here’s an Anima eyeball for you.



I’ve just been reading over my LJ friends page, and I amidst two or three crestfallen posts, I see a cascade of joy. I share it, not only because our new president is as close to the polar opposite of Bush as we’re likely to get, but because I feel like my vote counted this time.

As a resident of Ohio, I felt the heat of (slightly more than) half the country’s disbelieving backlash when Bush won his second term. I was ashamed and furious with my state, but sadly, not at all surprised. With 2008’s election, I’m encouraged. Perhaps not many of them, but enough people learned their lesson, and made the effort to pry our country out of the rut it was riding in.

I’m happiest when I think of my international friends, and how my country can now make progress towards restored respect and confidence from the rest of the world.

I know that Obama can’t work miracles, but I hope in the next few years the entire country will throw its weight behind the positive changes ahead and make this place the land of opportunity it used to be…and more. We’ll stop trying to lead the world by the nose, and lead by example instead. I dream of smarter Americans who have lost their apathy, growing active in their communities and interested in how the government is representing them. I dream of a time when Americans are regarded as stiff competition to any country in the world in terms of academics and industrial expertise. I yearn for the day when it stops being wise to represent yourself as Canadian when traveling abroad.