Cased by thieves

Well, score one for the unemployed son. I was home when two men came to case our house.

Well, that’s my suspicion at this point. A truck pulled up behind our house, and a man knocked on our door. When I answered, he asked for directions back to a major road that my road actually terminates in, only a mile away. No one gets lost that easy.

Also, the guy who stayed in the truck had turned the engine off while his friend went to the door. …Who turns off their engine when it’s under 20 degrees out?

So yeah. Thieves out to raid houses likely to be full of Christmas gifts, out in the boonies where people don’t lock their doors. I wish I had a gun.

Our house is a good target though. The driveway curls around the back of the house, so they can park back there and do their work unobserved from the road or our neighbor’s place across the street. (They have dogs, so they’re a less attractive target I’d guess.)

We’ve told our neighbors, so they’ll be alert to odd ‘visitors.’ If possible, we’ll try not to leave the house unoccupied for awhile. I wish I had paid closer attention to their clothes, appearance, and vehicle.

WoW Update

Finally made it to level 80 with my holy paladin on WoW.

Thoughts on the expansion thus far: Soooooooooooooo many quests. I’m disappointed that the gear rewards sucked so hard for most of them, but hey, even the worst piece of platemail sold for several gold. I enjoyed the different quests, the ones that weren’t about going out and killing x number of y creatures. But even the gathering/slaughtering quests were made interesting now and then, like ‘We need crystals from basilisks, but killing them breaks the crystals, so instead you have to STUFF THEM WITH RATS until they get gorged and fall asleep.’ So, you collect five rats (conveniently scurrying everywhere in the area) and throw them at the basilisk. It swells bigger with each rat, then falls asleep. Pluck! Rinse, repeat 4 times.

Another change is the move towards ‘mini-hubs’ for quests. Instead of there being one major hub for quests, there are several scattered through the area, so you never have to travel far between the questgiver and the objective. Others complain, and I can agree that it makes the quests seem less epic and more like ‘do my grocery shopping’ but I think it’s a good move.

Wrath of the Lich King makes you feel like more of a legendary hero than the bulk of the preceding content. From the moment you approach the recruiting officer after stepping onto a dock, you’re given special treatment, a tacit acknowledgment that you are an accomplished badass hero. This sort of treatment isn’t constant, especially when you’re thrust in with NPCs that are legendary in their own right. But you feel like less of a cog, and more like a unique force to be reckoned with.

It’s just a shame you don’t see the fruits of your labors in the game more often. Did you supposedly just save a sacred shrine? Well then…why is it STILL ON FIRE and crawling with enemies? Oh well. It’s beyond their abilities at the moment to pull off stuff like that on a large scale.

Birthdays and Air Force Museum Photos

Happy birthday to GraveyardGreg, and Teaselbone! I hope you both have spectacular days that start languorously late and end on a note of pure contentment.


In other news, I paid a visit to the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force base on Saturday, and took nearly 400 pics. I’ve put up some of the best here,

For those of you who may be interested in more photos of things like bomb sights, engines, missiles, rocket boosters, space capsules etc. let me know, and I’ll make a bunch more available to ya. They’re nice hi-res pics, thanks to the new camera I picked up a few months ago.

Here’s one of my favorite pics from the visit. It’s a mockup of a ‘training mishap.’ Note the slightly-amused mechanics giving each other significant looks while the trainee is getting bawled out by his C.O.

Air Force Museum, A Flight Mishap