Why? Why God?

I was poking around Squeenix’s site for the lastest Star Ocean title. There isn’t much there yet, but the character profiles are up. The main character’s name came up, and…I stopped breathing for a moment. Then I began to cry.

Edge. Edge Maverick.

Maybe it’s just because I’m not thinking of the game’s target audience, but truly, would any kid over 12 think that name is cool? Or even reasonable?


Rainbow cake, from The Omnomicon

I’ll have to make this next time I make dessert for the family. It looks dead-easy, and those colors are just what we need in bleak, frozen months like this.


Taste The Rainbow

In non cake-related news…I’m considering getting off my ass and going into overdrive with the Nerf painting/modding thing. Get the (admittedly enormous) stockpiles of guns in shape, and sell ’em. In this economy I shouldn’t expect what I might’ve gotten last year at this time, but it’ll be income!

2008 is dead!

Okay, so, in 2008 I learned about temp agencies. I learned about crooked health insurance companies. I took some cool photos. I went to a few cool parties. I finally received my B.A. in English.

For the first time, the guy I voted for was elected president.

In 2009, I need some ambition. A job. A place to call my own.

My best friend will be moving to the west coast. My sister and her family will finally be returning to the US for good after 4 years of missionary work in Tanzania.

2008 was a stop-and-start year. I was unemployed for months, briefly employed at a job I not only didn’t mind, but was good at, then unemployed for a few more months…then again briefly employed at a job where my supervisor thanked me almost every day for being there to help him with his workload…before the economy went HAHA! FART! and I spent the holidays out of work. I realize I’m far from the only one, but I don’t have the proper temp-worker attitude yet. I settled into both those temp jobs too much, got comfortable. If I keep doing temp work, I should go to work every day with the expectation of it being my last day there.