Judge Dredd Costume Auction

o,O I was browsing images on Profiles In History’s website (apparently they auction off movie props/costumes among other things) and I found they’re auctioning a male Judge and female Judge costume. Asking price? 200-300 bucks.


Surely one of you could afford that. You’d be fixed for Halloween forever!

More Gunsmithing Research

Got an idea of tuition at Trinidad State Junior College. It’s (on the surface) roughly 9,000-11,000 bucks cheaper than the Colorado School of Trades. There may be hidden fees for books, tools, project pieces and liability insurance. I’m waiting to hear back from the school about those.

Here’s an article I found about the school, http://www.denverpost.com/education/ci_6866275 It sounds like it’s highly regarded by weapon manufacturers, to the point that one donated 50k in equipment to the school. If that’s not a glowing reference, I don’t know what is. The head instructor, ‘Speedy’ Gonzalez has a serious rep in the business.

Cons: 3 hours south of my friend Jamie’s place, which leaves me bereft of contacts again.
It’s further from major cities, so there’s less work available. A quick search on careerbuilder (gawd I hate that site) turned up only 10 jobs within 30 miles of Trinidad.
Their program reportedly takes two years to complete instead of the other school’s 14 months.

EDIT: Well, lookie here. A gunsmithing school student is blogging about his experience, complete with photos. http://willsworkbench.blogspot.com He’s at the Pennsylvania school instead of either of the ones I’ve been considering.


I discovered http://www.erepublik.com while browsing today. Anyone else a member?

It’s one of those visit-each-day sort of browser games, The-Sims-flavored. You get a job, you join the Army to help defend your country (you can pick any country you like) and eat food to maintain your ‘wellness’ level. You can join a political party or start your own, and try to get elected to a position.

Gunsmithing school

So, my first choice for gunsmithing school reports that its 14 month program costs 21,000 bucks. Included in that are my tools, books, insurance, and project pieces. I’m going to work out if I qualify for federal aid.

I asked about the age of their machinery in the workshop, and I got transferred down to the shop. Asked the guy, and he couldn’t tell me the age of their most recent machine. He said they couldn’t be ‘more than 3 or 4 years old.’ I asked if any had electronic controls/readouts, and he said no, it’s all dials.

Next I need to call the other school in the general area, which I’ve heard is more modern.

Mythbusters Rocket car pancake

I never would’ve expected a rocket sled going ~700 MPH to do what this one did to a compact car. I have a new preferred method of execution for despicable people.

Does anyone else get the sense that Mythbusters has had its budget increased? A lot?